7 Tips for a Crazy-Awesome Backyard

Are you tired of your boring backyard? Are you desperate for something that looks more attractive in the background of your #latenightselfies? If you’re ready to redesign your backyard, here are just a few ways to strike pay dirt.

Elevated Deck Systems - 7 Tips for a Crazy-Awesome Backyard

1. Create a Conversation Pit

Conversation pits are socialization areas that have a “sunk in” appearance thanks to their lowered ground and raised walls. They’re perfect for summertime bonfires or cozy winter nights when you want to snuggle with your honey without the wind getting in the way. They’re also very versatile in terms of style, so no matter what kind of aesthetic that you’re aiming for with your backyard, you can have a conversation pit to complement it!

2. Change Your Lighting

This is one of those small suggestions that can have a big impact on your yard. Whether it’s adding a flood light to your patio or stringing fairy lights from your trees, there are many ways to add a little personality to your backyard lights. You might also consider things like lamp posts, tea lights and tiki torches. If you’re a fan of Asian aesthetics, you can even hang paper lanterns!

3. Get Zen

Speaking of Asian aesthetics, you don’t have to hail from the east to appreciate a good zen garden. Create a pond in your backyard; line it with flat stones and lush green plants; fill it with koi fish that will swim in lazy circles. If you have the money, splurge on a water wheel to add a gentle tinkle to the soundscape of your backyard.

4. Splash Like You Mean It

If you’ve always dreamed of having your own pool, now is the time to install one. It doesn’t have to be a fancy infinity pool that costs thousands of dollars to maintain; a simple in-ground construction will be enough to keep you cool when the temperature starts rising. For added pizzazz, make it a different shape or color than a boring gray oval.

5. Plant More Flowers

Is there anything more beautiful than a backyard teeming with flowers? Roses will look gorgeous under your garden window, and daises can be planted in a way that makes them “pop” along your fence or property line. You can even bring a new tree into the yard so that your grandkids have something to enjoy in 20 years.

6. Treat Your Lawn

Last but certainly not least, consider the health of your grass before you start installing big features on top of it. You might need to fertilize the soil or yank up old tree roots before it’s ready to flourish. Cutting it regularly is important, too; you don’t want your kids or pets playing in knee-high grass that’s attracted a lot of insects.

7. Build a Deck

You can’t host a backyard barbecue without somewhere for your guests to sit, stand and socialize! The good news is that it isn’t complicated to build a deck; you can get more information by contacting professional installers, and they’ll walk you through every step of the process. Whether you’re looking for something simple or grandiose, a new deck can be yours.

These are just seven ways to jazz up your backyard. Don’t be limited by these suggestions, however; the sky is the limit when it comes to designing outdoor recreation areas, so have fun with different designs and styles!

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