9 Common Mistakes that Novice Gardeners Make

Gardening is one of the most beautiful hobbies that one can have. Taking care of the life of a plant is a very rewarding activity, especially when you see it bloom into wonderful flowers. Gardening is a very relaxing activity, but can also be a very demanding one. Plants need you to take care of them at a certain moment in a certain way. If you do something wrong, you may end up killing the plant. If you ever thought about doing some gardening of your own, here are some mistakes you should try to avoid:

Certain Plants

1. Buying Certain Plants for the Wrong Reason

Most people buy plants just because they like how they look when they bloom. People do not stop to think about the needs that the plant has before it gets to the blooming moment. What they forget is that the blooming period can last for just a few days or weeks while the period when the plant has just developed green leaves lasts for rest of the year. This means that if you want those plants to look beautiful, you need to take care of their leaves, treetop, strains, etc.

2. Buying just One Plant of Each Kind

Try not to be stingy when it comes to buying plants. It is always best to buy more than just one plant of each assortment if you do not want your garden to look barren. Also, do not forget that it is possible for one plant to be already “compromised” when you buy it, and it may die as soon as you bring it to your garden. Try to buy at least two of each plant to have one to spare.

3. Buying Plants with Dry Leaves

You should never buy a plant that already has dry yellowed leaves. Take a good look at each of the leaves searching for yellow spots, insects, and other parasites that might affect the plant’s health. If you buy a sick plant and bring it into your garden, you risk the contagion of all the plants present in your garden.

4. Getting Fooled by the Beauty and the Freshness of “In bloom Bulbs”

If the plant you want to buy is already in bloom, it means that it has been this way for a while and the flower will die soon. In other words, you will not get to admire the flower for much longer. It is always best to buy “baby” plants, and plant them in your garden. This way you can see their amazing flowers from the day they form until they become dry.

5. Not Taking Care of the Roots

Roots are very important for a plant as they say a lot about the plant’s health and its history. If the roots are long and tangled, they may suffocate the plant. If the roots are underdeveloped, it means that the plant is dying. Do some research about how roots should look like, and try to apply what you learn on your plants. This way you ensure a long life for your new friends.

6. Throwing the Plant’s Labels

Labels can be vital for plants as they feature information on how they need to be cared for. Each plant has its demands regarding water, light, temperature, trimming, etc. If you throw away the labels, you lose this information, and may make some mistakes that can cost you the plant’s life.

7. Not Knowing Your Garden

You should know your garden as well as your house. Knowing its surface is important when it comes to choosing the plants (size, number, colors, etc). For example, a small garden should not be crowded with plants. In a small garden, there should be only a few plants that are nicely placed in a corner. This way they will be the point of attraction for your garden.

8. Going for too many Colors

It is true that colors are nice as they make you feel good, but how many colors can one bring together in the same garden without ruining the looks factor? Try choosing a line of colors like red to pink, and plant only flowers that have shades of red or pink. If you have too many colors in one place, it would be tiring to look at them.

9. Not Planting Your Flowers on Time

Try not to keep your plants in pots too much as they can wither. If, for some reason, you cannot plant them in the same day you bought them, put them in a place where there is no direct sunlight or too much heat. Do not keep them in pots longer than a day or two.

The above nine points if kept in mind can work wonders in taking care of your garden the best manner possible.

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