A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bed

A bed is not an easy purchase to make, nor is it a cheap one. A good night’s sleep is vital for our health, but not always easily achieved, so with these things in mind, it is important to review the options. Here is a quick rundown of what to look for at the bedroom store.

Adjustamatic bed
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Bed Frames
– The base of the bed is often acquired separately from the mattress and there are several choices to make according to room size, requirements and price range. Generally, you should try to get the biggest size you can afford, as many sleep issues stem from not enough space or freedom to move.
– Divan beds are the most basic type, needing less room than some bulkier frames and tending to cost less. They are a good investment if storage is an issue, as many come with under-bed drawers built in. Divans are commonly used with reclining models such as the Adjustamatic.
– Bedsteads come in a variety of materials from solid wood to metal and even upholstery at the top end of the market. These are usually the most style-conscious choice, as you can find one to go with most ddcors. Although you can utilise the empty space beneath a bedstead, it doesn’t look as tidy as a divan.

– Arguably, mattresses are the most important component of a bed and they can certainly make all the difference when it comes to feeling refreshed instead of exhausted in the morning. Different people, however, have different mattress needs.
– It is often thought that hard or ‘orthopedic’ mattresses represent the best night’s sleep for your back, but this is normally only the case if you have specific back problems. It is sensible to go by weight; if you are a slim, light person, you will probably need a softer mattress, whilst heavier builds will benefit from mattress toppers and a firmer base.
– Pocket sprung mattresses are widely popular, as the technology means weight is spread more evenly; handy if you are sharing the bed, as you are less likely to disturb each other.
– Traditional continuous coil versions tend to be cheaper, but more disruptive and can wear out quicker .
– Recent concepts such as memory foam are increasingly preferred by consumers, easing pressure on particular areas of the body and are also a good hypo-allergenic choice as you won’t find dust mites in them.

Finding the right bed is about fitting around your needs and those of your partner; whether you need Adjustamatic beds or a grand canopy, it is entirely down to you. Having said this, it is thought to be a good idea to invest over  700 in a bed and mattress combined and at least  200 of that should go on the mattress. ‘Value’ options may result in poorer sleep patterns and won’t last as long, whereas those who invest more on a mattress could end up sleeping on it for up to twenty years.

Simon Hopes is a freelance writer for a number of publications, from advising on home improvements to giving product reviews. When not writing, Phillip can be found hand-crafting oak furniture at his home workshop or researching brands like Adjustamatic and home interior topics for his next article.

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