A Guide to Design your Own Spa at Home

There’s nothing more pampering and relaxing than a wonderful home spa and facial treatment. If you’ve a spa at your house, it would be genuinely effective and you can take any treatment, such as photo rejuvenation facial lasers, facial masks, facial peels, and body steaming. During earlier times, if you had to enjoy the health-promoting advantages or get the relaxed feel of a steam shower, you had to visit a spa or upscale gym. But, things have changed now and most house owners are selecting to put up the latest steam showers in their bathroom, creating a warm retreat in their own home.

Steam Showers

Steam Showers

The steam showers are completely sealed enclosures, which can be fitted in a conventional shower or bathtub. They generate heated wind with the help of steam generator and provide controls on panel inside the bathtub or shower, which allow users to modify the flow of steam as well as its temperature. Since steam showers are fully sealed, the moisture and heat won’t affect the walls, paperor paint of the bath area. There is no need of venting, as the sealed shower cools down and the moisture and heat gets drained away into the ground. It is good to have an area in your house, which lets you enjoy. Designing your own spa at home is easier than you actually thought. Below, you can find some tips to enlighten and unwind your stresses and senses.

Looks Matter a Lot

Visuals connect most of people first and for your spa, opt for colors, which will make you feel relaxed and comfortable at house. You can go beyond the traditional spa blue, making your washroom very personal. You can also make use of lighting that would help to bring good mood and atmosphere.

Ensure that you’ve chosen multi-directional lighting and dimmers, as it would help in creating the right ambiance. If your bathroom has big windows, you can put privacy sheers that allow natural light in, without sacrificing privacy. You need to create a comfortable spa place that allows you to rejuvenate, and unwind.


Setting the Mood Right

Paper or paint the bathroom in tranquil colors of coral and pink, which would complement all skin shades. Rich details, like crown moldings, marble surfaces, and bead board will add classy looks. Invest on dimmers and candles for the best bathing experience.

Keep fluffy towels on open shelving or rolled up in the basket, so that you can reach them easily. You can also place potted herbs, which will not only spread the fragrance in the bathroom, but have additional benefit, as you snip off lemon verbena, mint, or lavender for your bath.

Use good containers for storing powders, soaps, toothbrushes, lotions, body creams, and other essential things.

Choosing the Right Sound

If you keep loud music, you might not get into that great mood; keep the loud noises outside the door and try more natural sounds, which will relax your mind and calm your nerves. You can keep the sound of waterfall, space mount that adds true spa look along with great sounds. Indoor water fountains are best, if you do not have wall space.

Adding a Soothing Aroma

Adding a Soothing Aroma

The home spa should contain its own refreshing and relaxing scent, which will put your body and mind at ease. These are just few ideas to Designing your own spa for luxurious treats, and get rid of all your stress.

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