A Guide to Getting A Better Bed

Considering how much time you spend in your bedroom, far too few people put a high priority on its decoration and setup. It’s easy to see why. If you spend most of your bedroom time with your eyes closed, then it becomes very easy to dismiss spending money or time on making it look and feel perfect. However, the layout and setup of your bed can be very important, and when you consider that you spend up to a third of your life asleep, then you should be realizing the importance of getting your sleeping spot right. If you’re looking for maximum comfort for better sleep, then here’s every factor to consider when getting the right bed for you.

Mattresses - A Guide to Getting A Better Bed

The Perfect Mattress
This is the single most important part of your bedroom. Even if you buy nothing else for your perfect bedroom setup, always invest in a good mattress. The ideal mattress for you will depend on how you’re used to sleeping, or if you have any medical conditions like broken bones or back pain. Don’t ever rush into buying a mattress and don’t underestimate how important a role it’s going to play when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

The Frame
You’re going to want your mattress to be able to breathe, and that’s why your next step should be a good bed frame. There are millions of styles and designs to choose from, so take your time and consider whether you want one with a solid effect or a design that includes extra storage space. A bed frame is really just there to help prevent mold from developing on your mattress, but that means that you have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking the style and functions that you prefer.

A Headboard
This might not be essential, but it’s always a good touch when it comes to a more aesthetic end result. Don’t just buy one at random and hope for the best. Make sure that your headboard is the same width as your bed frame, and that it matches whatever width you have gone for with your mattress.

Heavy Blankets
This one isn’t for everyone, but there are some suggestions that having a solid, heavy blanket on top of your bed might help you get a better night’s sleep. Of course, if you live somewhere a little chilly, then a heavy blanket goes without saying, but if they can help you get better, healthier sleep, then it’s always worth trying.

Pillow Problems
If you have an uncomfortable, warped pile of pillows then you’re not going to sleep easily. Different people need different types of pillow, so don’t assume that it’s a case of just grabbing the first one that you see.

● People that tend to sleep on their side will benefit more from a firmer, thicker pillow so that their head and spine stay aligned.

● For those that sleep on their backs, then a thinner and softer pillow will be much better, as this will prevent you from elevating your head too high. That can cause you stiffness and even spine problems if not tackled.

● For the people that like to sleep on their stomachs, then it’s often advisable not to have a pillow at all, but if you do need something, then opt for the thinnest pillow you can find.

You’re also going to have to consider what’s on the inside of your pillow.

Feathers: This is a classic for a reason. A ‘down’ pillow is very soft and comfortable, so it’s going to be perfect for those that prefer to sleep on their front. If you’ve never slept on a down pillow before, make sure that you’re not going to set off any allergies on your first night.

Polyfill: This is the man-made version of the classic down pillow, so it’s certainly not going to be setting off your allergies. However, they will need looking after as they will inevitably start to gather and clump on the inside.

Wool: This can often be an expensive option, but it might be worth paying a little more. Wool-filled pillows keep their shape much more than other pillow types, and they’re great for temperature regulation too. Not only that, but they’re also resistant to mold and mildew.

Cotton: One of the cheaper types of pillow available, these will need replacing more often, but they are ideal for those that sleep on their back. The best thing about cotton-filled pillows is that you can always throw them in the washing machine and they won’t warp.

Latex/Foam: These are about as firm a pillow type as you’ll find. Not only are they good for people that sleep on their backs or sides, they can also be molded to provide better head support. They’re also much more resistant to dust mites and mildew than other pillows, so they could be ideal.

Pillow Cases
While the design is up to you and will depend on the theme that you’re designing your bedroom around, don’t overlook the importance of getting the right material for your pillowcases. It’s usually advisable to opt for those made of cotton. It’s a natural fabric, and that means that it’s going to let your pillows breathe much more easily. That’s vital for getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding problems caused by damp. Make sure that you have spares so that you’re not left without on washing day. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, then silk pillows are always going to be a good choice too, although you will obviously be paying more for those than you will by sticking to cotton.

The rest of your bedroom will vary in terms of the essentials that you need. Generally, a good option is to look at high density foam mattresses for a better night’s sleep. Prioritize getting your bed right and you’ll have a much better foundation when it comes to designing the rest of the room. It’s never been easier to get the bed that you need to improve your sleeping habits. Get the right bed now, and you may even start making bedtime a little earlier every night.

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