A Place to Belong: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your New House Becomes a Home

If you’re a new homeowner and you’re trying to make your house feel like a home, then there are a few things you should know. A sense of belonging comes from perspective and being able to not let yourself ever feel like an outsider. Sometimes it can be challenging to be the new neighbor and getting settled into a new environment. With a positive mindset however, you can make any house feel like home sweet home.

Ashland Manor House - A Place to Belong: 4 Ways to Make Sure Your New House Becomes a Home


How you design and arrange your home can really dictate how homey the entire atmosphere will be. Don’t be afraid to bring in old furniture pieces to fill out empty spaces. Having pieces of your old or childhood home with you in your new place, can really make you feel like you belong.

Picture Frames and Vision Boards

Displaying memories throughout your home and creating a vision board to personalize the space can really put everything together. Having good memories displayed not only will create a more positive vibe in your home, but it will also ensure that every guest that comes in sees parts of who you are. A vision board is best added in your room, and can be filled with all the wonderful things you wish to do, achieve, or gain. Life is filled with abundance and the more you remind yourself of that limitless possibility, you will always be in a sense of bliss at home.

Plants and Candles

There is so much life that a few fresh plants and vibrant candles can create for a home. Investing in a bouquet of flowers, a fresh bamboo tree, and some scented candles can really make your house feel super cozy. Comfort over style should always be the goal especially when it comes to a new house. Amplifying the sense of smell the moment you enter your home will instantly make it a place you long to go to everyday.

Design Your Paradise from the Beginning

If you haven’t already invested in your home, consider designing it from the beginning. If you pick out your own home plans before a single brick or board is placed, you’ll be more likely to love the space from the get-go.  Imagine what you want from your home and what spaces you’d like to be a part of your life and go from there.

A sense of a belonging in a neighborhood all starts with you. Be yourself and open to new friendships, because the only way to really feel at home is if you allow yourself to immerse into the new life you have. Never be afraid to throw a small gathering at your place for your neighbors. With a little effort, great home plans, and some dreams, your house will become a home in no time.

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