A Simple Guide to Buying the Children’s Mattresses

Making sure that your kids have a good quality bed, which offers them proper support or backup system, is very important for their overall development and to keep them healthy. Regular parents or guardians do not pay strict attention to their kid’s bed requirements and they select a particular design for its fashion or theme, not considering the support fact.

Children's Mattress

Importance of Good Support

Bodies of small kids constantly change as they grow. They need a proper support system and as growth spurts happen in fits. All this implies that kids need sound sleep every night, at least for eight to ten hours. If they do not get enough sleep, they can be subjected to a host of emotional or physical distress.

Consequences of Lack of Sound Sleep

Kids who do receive ample amount of sleep can be forgetful, irritable, unmotivated, and prone to tantrums. This definitely impacts their social development and school performance. In fact, poor sleeping environment can cause dangerous medical conditions or physical development issues and can stop proper growth or development.

Finding a Good Mattress for Kids

When selecting new mattresses for children’s use, do your homework first and ensure their requirements are addressed. During selection process, there are many things to consider, if you want to buy the best, ultimate mattress for your kids.

Selecting mattresses for children is often confusing for parents; how we spend quality time in sleeping, having a safe and comfortable mattress for kids is extremely important. You’ll also have to consider following things:

Mattress Options

Before, it was only one sleep system available for kids, that’s box spring mattress, but now there are many options. The things have changed dramatically in past few years as the bedding market has rapidly developed with the introduction of product options and new technologies.

Nowadays, there are four popular options available for kids.

Adjustable Air Mattresses: The durable air chamber in these sets can be adjusted using remote control to get a customized organized level. No springs are used in these mattresses and kids can get longer and better sleep.

Box Spring Mattresses: The rigid framed support system in these two-part stacked sets has softer mattress on top and strong metal coils on the bottom. These are commonly coupled with pressure points, which can cause sleep loss, poor blood circulation, and discomfort.

Latex Foam Mattresses: These are made from rubber tree’s milky sap and since it is produced from the natural available tree, it is extremely comfortable. For the fact that it doesn’t utilize internal springs, it is considered to have imperative therapeutic value.

Memory Foam Mattresses: These are derived from vegetable-based or polyurethane mixture, developed from NASA technology. The open cell support structure has millions of small air bubbles, offering superior comfort.


It comes in many sizes, including twin, crib, full, extra-long twin, and larger sizes. Older kids or those who are very tall may find themselves comfy in extra-long twin mattresses. Cribs can be used for toddler beds. Hence, consider the height and age of your kid, when choosing the size.

Buy New vs. Used Ones

Used mattresses can contain mites, bacteria, bodily fluids, and mold from the previous owners. If you know the earlier customer pretty well, you can go ahead, but get it properly cleaned and sanitized before using. But, since you are buying this one for your kid, new mattress is always a better choice.

Follow these simple tips and ensure that your kid gets proper sleep every night, and that the mattress doesn’t come in his/her way of enjoying sound sleep.

Author Bio

Olivia Mason has written this article who has years of experience in giving tips and information on classical and branded mattresses. She recommends parents to pay attention to the bedding and mattresses of kids at different levels, and ensure that their body growth doesn’t get affected due to a poor choice.

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