Achieving the Rustic Home

In a world now surrounded by technology, it’s definitely refreshing to find a home that is reminiscent of the good old times where everything is quiet, warm and simple. You’ll usually find these homes near lakes, in the mountains or in forests; cabin-like homes that remind you of your childhood memories of summer days spent exploring the woods, playing with the whole family without the help of our tablets or smartphones, fishing on a nearby river or swimming in a natural water form.

Rustic Home

Bringing those feelings out of our hearts and into our current homes can be trickier than it sounds. I wonder if our grandparents knew we’d actually attempt to pull together the mismatched, dishevelled, second-hand look they had always considered as a norm? So I’ve been lucky to have worked with my neighbours on bringing to life their home and turning it into the cozy rustic home we have always apparently loved. Here are a few tips to get you started to achieving this home:

Achieve that nature cozy feel:

There’s something about flat wood ceilings that makes any home feel cozy. Try to incorporate objects found on the exterior of a household such as stone pillars or rocks that could really help achieving that “one with nature” vibe.

Mix it up:

When I was growing up, our provincial homes were places for hand-me-downs, like refrigerators and stoves. Nothing ever matched, and everything strangely felt comfortably worn-in. The painted cabinets, coloured stoves and stainless island all seem to have arrived here at different points in time. Take a risk on using colours that you wouldn’t usually find next to each other.

Make use of old yet sturdy materials:

Know that older is better. An antique cabinet can be made into a vanity, and an old metal bucket can be turned into a sink. Use old unused containers as storage boxes for cans of medicines for cough and cold. You can actually use exposed copper plumbing and spray it with salt water to speed up the aging process of the material to achieve that aging look.

Tell a story:

Tell a story. Don’t overlook an opportunity to add character. In your own room, creative and subtle touches, such as scalloped edgings on a bookcase or hanging lanterns, create a layer of interest. Appreciate the little worn-out damages on your rooms and turn them into a living story book that you can live in. Make it interesting, make it mysterious.

Those are a few options you can do to achieve that homely rustic feel for your household. It’s especially easy to achieve this if your house is already 10-20 years old but that doesn’t mean your new home can’t be turned into the classic home you grew up with. You can still purchase affordable home appliances in the Philippines to make life easier but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your décor. So go on and start experimenting to your heart’s delight!

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Clark Pacis is lifestyle blogger/ Traveller/ Frustrated Model. He pursues a healthy living while enjoying the guilty pleasures of different cuisine. A Young Professional that has a wild spirit. Clark worked for CNN Philippines and a graduate from University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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