Advantages of industrial epoxy coatings

Industrial coating applications involve epoxy coats because they provide optimum protection from wear and tear of surfaces. The unique solutions developed in epoxy coats can be used to coat a wide range of surfaces like aluminium, steel, fibreglass etc and protect them from corrosion.

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Heavy machinery and equipments used in industries perform vital tasks. These machines cost a fortune and therefore need protection against corrosive elements. Apart from regular oiling and lubrication, another way to protect them is by applying quality industrial coats. Epoxy is a popular industrial surface coat that is widely used across industries worldwide. These present day industrial markets involve the usage of a wide range of construction equipments, machine tools, pumps, oil and gas pipelines, farm equipments, compressors etc that are applied with epoxy coats. A wide range of surfaces can be coated with epoxy coating including wood, aluminium, carbon steel, galvanized steel, fibreglass, polyester, ceramics, copper, zinc, etc.

Let us review some of the major advantages:

Benefits of having epoxy coated surfaces:

  • There is no need of using a cleanup solvent on the surface. The degreaser is mixed with acid solution in a standard epoxy that enables easy cleaning of the surface. Dirt, oil and grime get easily dissolved helps the coat to etch to the surface.
  • Some waterborne basecoat variants of epoxy coats that have been derived from the industrial environment delivers high class durability and robust performance.
  • They are available in several hues and shade variants to suit the needs of a customer.
  • Normally an epoxy basecoat is self priming thereby reducing the cost and effort that has to be spent on a primer.
  • A crystal clear top coat seals the coat to surface ensuring long term adhesion.
  • Epoxy resins are strong thereby making the coated surface also strong. These paints normally have specific light weights, so the weight of boards or planks do not increase.
  • They are the best way to laminate any kind of foam.
  • High end epoxy coats give out very little odour unlike polyester counterparts, so they can be sued in any kind of room. They are not carcinogens. So they make an environment friendly option.
  • Best of all epoxy resins are affordable hence pocket friendly surface coats for industrialists who have already churned out huge amounts for the costly machinery. They also help save lots behind maintenance activities of exposed machinery.

General industrial coats are prevalent in industries across India.

From LPG/CNG cylinder surfaces to transformer bodies, industrial epoxy coats work on them all. These surface solutions have been developed by companies after years of meticulous research and therefore have time and again proved to be durable coats for surfaces of heavy machinery like:

  1. Pre-engineered buildings
  2. Special purpose vehicles
  3. Cycles
  4. Auto head lamps
  5. Earth moving equipments
  6. Barrels and containers
  7. Foundry
  8. Material handling equipments
  9. Scaffoldings
  10. Telecom towers
  11. Transformers

Indian industries these days request tweaking of epoxy products for customised solutions. Thus, popular tailor made epoxy coat varieties are now being offered by renowned paint companies across the nation like vacuum metalizing lacquers, stoving primers, stoving top coats, quick drying primers, quick drying top coats, polyurethanes primers, polyurethanes top coats, epoxy primers and epoxy top coats can be tailor made to suit the needs of an industrialist. Being affordable surface protectors, epoxy coats are the best solution for any and every type of industry today.

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