An Introduction to Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The common rules for hardwood floor cleaning involve soap and water, wax and polish and more. You can now take the guesswork out of the matter using a few methods of smart cleaning.

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What is the Finish? Before mopping it up, you need to determine the way the hardwood floor is sealed. The finish is what determines the way the floor is to be cleaned and cared for.

Surface Sealed Floors: Most of the new wood floors are sealed with the help of polyurethane, poly acrylic and urethane. The surface sealed floors are resistant to damages from water and stains. These are easiest to look after and clean using sweeping, and mopping.

Penetrate Seal Treated and Oil Treated Floors: It is a common to have the oil finish or penetrating seal to soak into the wood grain, resulting in hardening of the floor. This sort of floor should be protected and cared for with the help of paste wax or liquid wax.

Varnished, Shellacked, Untreated and Lacquered Floors: The commercial cleaning company in Alaska recommends using the materials that are applicable for the above category, as these floors are not resistant to spills, wear and moisture, or any other sealant.

If you are unsure about the finish of your floor, you can just tell the difference with rubbing your hands or finger over the floor. In case of lack of smudge, the floor is surface sealed. If a smudge occurs, the floor has penetrating seal treatment, shellac, oil finish, lacquer, varnish and then waxing on it.

If you have a vacuum cleaner in the house, it is the commonest piece of equipment to get the job done. Being fast and easy, it helps clean hardwood floors just in the right manner. If the hardwood floor cleaning is done with the help of water, there are no damages done to it. However, be wary of providing a lot of water for a long duration as it might make the floor soggy.

The floor should be appropriately dried to eliminate moisture. Check with the holes to stop the water from percolating. The water should not be splashed to eliminate chances of excessive wetness. Use a mop for absorbing the remaining water but do not wet the mop too much to damage the look of your floor. Before pulling the mop clean the floor well to remove small particles of dust.

Homemade solutions combining vinegar and water may be used for cleaning the floor. This is a cost effective solution and provides great results for a perfectly shining look. A commercial cleaning company in Alaska is your best advice when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors which are lacquered with wax. You might make use of an interval schedule for maintaining the shine. If extremes of wax are put on the floor, you might have to stretch the time to prevent damaging the floor. Black tea may be used for cleaning hardwood floors. It is done by boiling a few ounces of water and dipping the tea bag in it. Mopping is done when the solution cools down to create a shining look.

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