Artwork For Your Walls

Beautiful And Easy Craft Game
Today there are so many novel ideas for making arts and crafts. While there are many things that we can do with the usual paper and colors and paste, there are many novel art accessories supplied in the form of sets that allow one to explore their creative sides in ways that were not imaginable before. Indeed, artwork is vital for exploiting the creative side and imagination of young minds and to give them an avenue to explore their talents. If you gift your son or daughter a Glass Gem Shadowbox  that will not only allow them to have lots of fun in creating something beautiful and unique, they can even put it to innovative uses. This is a kind of functional shadowbox art. It looks beautiful and brilliant and there are great uses that you can put them to. You can strap wires across the box in order to support recipe cards or photos and even grocery lists on them. You are sure to want one such handy item in every room where your room will be enlivened as well you will have a functional device for pinning important things and agenda.


Materials Needed
If you are wondering whether it will be a daunting task, the items that are provided on the set makes it easy to complete one such box within minutes. The materials that are needed are:

  • Shadowbox frame
  • Glass gems
  • Adhesive
  • Background paper
  • Tape
  • Jewelry wire
  • Clothes pins or other kinds to peg items on the wires if you want

While the frame and the glass gems are supplied, the paper and the jewelry wire are probably what you will need to have at home. The adhesive is also supplied for which you can get started right away.

Steps To Follow
The steps to make a shadowbox frame are simple and easy:

  • You need to first cut out the paper for the background by placing the frame on it.
  • Once the paper is cut out it needs to be stuck to the background frame.
  • Once the paper is stuck properly the glass gems need to be arranged on it in a pattern as you wish
  • Every glass gem needs to be stuck on the paper by applying adhesive on one side
  • Once the glass gems are stuck on the paper and dried, you need to place the frame top and cover it properly.
  • Then you can tape jewelry wire across the box

Uses Of A Shadowbox Of Glass Gems
When the box is completed, you can easily use it to hang on the wall. Colorful glass gems inside a box frame will itself serve as a great artwork. If you wish to make it functional, you can use the wires across it to pin up lists or pictures on them. These are easy to do craft items that will keep your children engaged during holidays and help them to create something beautiful. They will surely love the outcome and they will be motivated to indulge in more such artwork projects.

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