Bamboo Flooring For Home and Offices

Bamboo flooring is a sort of flooring that is manufactured from the bamboo plant. Lately, bamboo flooring has become a serious interior design ‘must have’ trend. Bamboo is a smart, eye-catching and eco-friendly option for flooring in homes and offices because of its physical resemblance to hardwoods. It is also relatively cheaper than many hardwoods. It is revered for its strength, sturdiness plus it is insect and moisture resistant.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo – first and second choice

There are two choices in bamboo wooden flooring – engineered laminated strips or plank flooring. Since bamboo flooring is manufactured by lamination the tendency of spacing, cupping or deforming is greatly reduced. Moreover, bamboo is also less prone to deform because it grows in the tropic, hence it is naturally resistant to moisture. Due to this, it is extremely good for kitchens and bathrooms where hardwood flooring is generally not recommended. As it is resistant to moisture bamboo floors are also splash and stain-resistant, which is a pleasing feature adding to the elegance of the floor.

First and second impressions

Another feature of bamboo flooring that ranks it higher than the other wood species is its dimensional solidity. With bamboo flooring there is absolutely no issue of buckles or gaps created due to swelling or shrinking as a result of changes in relative humidity. In addition to this, bamboo floors do not require any finish work at all contrasting other wood materials. There is no danger of dust or toxic odor. Hence installing these floors are much easier and less time-consuming.


Bamboo is remarkably versatile. For this reason it is highly suited as flooring for home and office, and in addition it can also be used for making tabletops, window trim and the front parts of drawers and cupboards.

Generally the manufactured bamboo wooden flooring is made available in planks. In vertical bamboo floors, the individual pieces are vertically fitted on their thinnest edge and then pressed and plastic-coated. Its gives a uniform lined appearance to the finished floor’s surface. In horizontal bamboo flooring, the planks are fitted horizontally on their broadest edge and then pressed down side to side with adjoining pieces with the help of a high-force laminating system.

The finished surfaces have the characteristic bamboo nodes evident on it. The surfaces are extremely elegant looking too.


It is not only a sustainable flooring material but also it adds to the décor aesthetics of your home and office. You can obtain it in a variety of colors in plank bamboo flooring. So you can choose the one that makes your décor look simple yet sober and conservative.

You can get the best visual effect by installing the slats parallel to the longest wall in the room that ideally leads from a doorway to window, window to window or something that adds to the length and visual appearance of the room. A bamboo floor enhances the natural look of your home or office as well as adding an eco-friendly element to it also.

Mike is a Sweden based home remodelling contractor and interior designer with special interest in bamboo and other types of wooden flooring. He is a graduate of KTH Royal Institute of Technology where he conducted research on the use of eco-friendly materials in home construction.

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