Basement Renovations: Safety Measures for Remodelling

Basement renovations are more than boosting the aesthetics and looks of this special room in your house. Remodelling your basement also means employing protective measures and treatments in order to ensure the structural integrity of your property. Before you go looking for basement renovations ideas, make sure you have a thorough and up to date knowledge about the different safety measures for basement remodelling. These are important measures that could maximize the durability of your basement over time.

Basement renovation - Basement Renovations: Safety Measures for Remodelling

Basement Renovations Safety and Protective Measures

There are various elements that are included in a safety and protective measure for your basement remodelling. Some of the most basic measures include waterproofing, radon protection, creating watertight seal, mould and mildew protection, prevention and stoppage of rust, above ground purging and impact protection.

Waterproofing Services by the Pros

Basement renovations specialists utilize the best waterproofing treatment for your basement remodelling such as safe and VOC free sealants. These are multi-application products that are basically water-based with exceptional adhesion characteristics. Waterproofing products for basement renovations allow easy application to different substrates with a wide range of application methods.

Why you need waterproofing? Construction materials, including the ones in your basement structure, are subject to internal weakness and instability due to fluctuating climates. You need waterproofing treatments in order to protect the construction materials from weakening due to water damage, seepage, and the effects of exposure to the elements.

Radon Protection Expert Services

Basement renovations also require protecting your basement from radon gas and radon progeny which are harmful chemicals. Radon is radioactive gas that naturally forms due to rock and water breakdown. In its gas form, radon slowly diffuses from the ground which you can breathe into your lungs, causing life-threatening and irreversible damage. Basement renovations utilize radon reduction methods such as Active Soil Depressurisation or ASD where a hole is drilled in the floor of your basement, installing a pipe that would draw the radon gas out of your house. This is a safety measure that is important and vital before the renovation proper takes place.

Mould, Mildew, and Rust

A complete and comprehensive basement renovation project also addresses the most common problems with generally all basements in the world. Mould, mildew, and rust are common issues that bombard all types of basements, especially those that lack regular maintenance and cleanup. Basement renovations start with addressing these essential issues and prepping up the room for your desired remodelling ideas. Some of the services from professional basement renovators include moisture stoppage and methods that deal with mould growth. Treatments are applied in order to make your basement resistant to mould and mildew growth and buildup as well as stopping rust on metal studs and wood.

Basement renovations are important projects to boost your property but safety measures are equally essential for a comprehensive remodelling investment. Boost your property value and enjoy the fruits of your investment through looking into the fundamental treatments that your basement needs first before the minor or major overhaul. Contact a specialist now for details.

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