Basic Kitchen Design Rules

Re-designing your kitchen and want some help with some of the basic design rules? From stream lining surfaces to choosing the right colours, we’ve got all the basics you need to know when renovating your kitchen.

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Choosing the right colours to work with
Choosing the right colours can be difficult but it’s really easy if you know how. Firstly, it should complement the rest of your home. The transition of colour from the rest of your home when you walk into your kitchen should be seamless. Whites, greys, creams and neutrals are always a winner because they open up spaces and keep things light. Darker colours can often make a small kitchen look even smaller. Love bold colours? Incorporate something bright into your splash back.

Make it streamline
Modern kitchens always keep things out of the way and often hidden. To keep things looking sleek, have a door installed in front of your fridge, and you can even hide your bosch dishwasher behind a panel so that everyone thinks your squeaky clean cups, cutlery and plates are all thanks to you!

Utilise your storage spaces
Every crevice where there is room, utilise it. Organise your appliances and your pots, pans and other cooking utensils so that you can have everything well hidden, yet still access it quickly when you need it.

Minimise and simplify
Instead of looking for the right handles to match your new doors, why not buy doors that don’t need handles? Less is more when it comes to kitchen design, so keeping things slick and minimal as much as possible is the way to go. There was a time when it was the done thing to decorate your kitchen with your appliances and keep everything on the bench. Today, it couldn’t be more opposite.

It’s all in the bench tops
Think thick, modern bench tops in stone, marble and poured concrete. If you are worried about blowing too much of your budget here, consider having a thick edge applied to a thin slab to save money whilst still giving the same effect as a thick edge.

Use the right lighting
Illuminate your bench tops with modern, ceiling lights that brighten up the space. If you add dimmers you can create the perfect atmosphere too, if you are simply relaxing in the space.

Once you’ve updated your kitchen and your appliances make sure that you take the time out to update your home and contents insurance as well.

When it comes to kitchen design, you need to ensure that it complements the rest of your home and it has all of the important elements you want in the ideal kitchen. As long as you follow this advice, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to design or redesign the perfect kitchen, you’ll love cooking in.

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