Bathroom Benchtop: Which One Is the Right Choice for You?

You and family live in and stay together in your home. This is where one spends the most time of their lives. What is a home that doesn’t give you the feeling of happiness, peace and content feel? Hence, it comes as no surprise that everyone wants to make sure that every aspect of their home is the best that it can be. When you are decorating your home or renovating your house, you start to realize that the little things matter. You need to make choices about doorknobs, ceiling lights, and bench tops. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and during those times you wish that you could find all of the answers that you need in one place.

Bathroom Benchtop - Bathroom Benchtop: Which One Is the Right Choice for You?

Luckily, with the help of this article, you can learn all that you need about bathroom benchtops, and how to choose one which is perfect for your home! 

Which Bathroom Bench Top Should You Choose? 

When it comes to deciding on a bathroom benchtop, the choice mostly depends on your theme, taste, as well as your budget. A bathroom surface top needs to be resistant to stains, water as well as soap. Hence, it cannot be made of porous material, which narrows down your choices considerably.

Some Possible Options Include:

  • Granite or Marble: Granite and marble are hard surfaces, which are more or less resistant to stains. These are the perfect choice for the master bathroom since they add a chic quality to it, which can help you up the resale value on our house as well. Although these can be a little bit more costly than the other options (especially the granite) these are definitely worth the price you pay… Nowadays, you can even find some affordable options for granite and marble. Granite is considered to be a better option since it is more resistant to stains than marble, and once a sealing layer has been applied, it is also resistant to grease as well as heat. A marble top is resistant to high heat, such as the heat form a curling wand, and provides a shiny and sleek finish to your washroom.
  • Quartz or Natural Stones: A quartz bathroom benchtop is easy to maintain and adds to the beauty of your bathroom. Scratches can be buffed with the help of sandpaper, and they are also resistant to water as well as heat, which makes the perfect candidate for a bathroom surface top.
  • Laminate: The bathroom benchtop is one of the most affordable options, but that is not the only reason that it is a popular choice. A laminate surface top offers you a lot of versatility than the rest of the options on the list. In another handsome certain finishes make it resemble granite or solid surface top, which means that you get the beauty of a granite surface top without breaking the bank. While a laminate is waterproof as well as reasonably resistant to stain, it does become dull over time and can dent as well.
  • Tiles: Tiles can be arranged in patterns, and they come in various finishes such as a natural finish or a ceramic finish. Tile surface tops allow you to become a lot more creative with how you lay down your surface top. However, the grout lines on a tile surface top can become your biggest nightmare. They trap dirt over time and are relatively difficult to clean. You will surely not be disappointed by the result.


Your bathroom benchtop will need to be able to resist the stains form cosmetics, water, and soap. However, at the same time, it should be able to provide you with a sturdy surface top that is spacious enough for you to get ready in the mornings without any problem!

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