Bathroom Renovations: How to Give it That Modern Feel You Have Always Wanted

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home where most people spend time in each day. The style and design of the room will determine how comfortable you feel and will also influence the house’s value. If you want to transform it into a modern space, there are a few ways to redesign your bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation - Bathroom Renovations: How to Give it That Modern Feel You Have Always Wanted

Repaint the Cabinets 

Give the cabinets a makeover by repainting them white or black to create a chic interior setting that looks luxe. You’ll need to sand down the cabinets before applying a few coats of paint. Complete the look with brass hardware that adds extra shimmer and will make the bathroom appear regal. 

Add a Doorless Shower 

Doorless walk-in showers are one of the latest trends for their functionality and ease of use. You won’t have to worry about cleaning glass doors with a spacious shower that looks sleek. The shower can also include a seating area, multiple showerheads, and a built-in radio that allows you to listen to tunes as you bathe. The shower should also be large enough to accommodate multiple people to make for a spacious environment.

Install Subway Tiles 

Backsplashes are in when it comes to redesigning bathrooms, making it necessary to add white subway tiles when you want a space that is light and airy. Subway tiles can be used above the sink or in the shower and will make a statement with their urban design.

Glass backsplashes are also ideal to use because they’re heat-resistant and are low maintenance. You can choose from a variety of color shades and styles to complement the surrounding decor that is on display. Glass backsplashes can also reflect more light and create a more illuminated interior setting.

Use a Pedestal Tub 

Pedestal tubs have made a comeback for their luxurious design that will allow you to bath with a feature that is the focal point of the room. Install the pedestal tub in the middle of the bathroom where there’s plenty of light. Add a few plants and a dramatic chandelier overhead when you want to update the design of the room.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover and allow it to stand out in the home, there are several features you can purchase from companies like Kewco to install. By using the right products and materials, you can create a modern setting that will make an impression on your guests.

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