Bathroom Storage Ideas

It is beyond doubt that bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The reasons for this are numerous but the most important ones are purely practical. Many actions you perform in the bathroom you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. However, when talking about the most common drawbacks of bathrooms all around the world, most people will agree that the greatest one is lack of space.

Bathroom Storage

Just think about it, even though it plays such an important role in your home, the bathroom is usually placed in the smallest room. This usually creates a significant problem. There are many things you simply need in your bathroom but it seems as if you just can’t get them all in there. Luckily for you, there are some daring bathroom storage ideas that could easily solve this problem for you.

Adding shelves

When talking about storage ideas for your bathroom it would just be silly not to start with shelf installment. Speaking of easy to install, easy to access, traditional bathroom storage solution, shelves are simply second to none. You can either install them on your own, above your sink, just beneath the mirror, or find some other unoccupied spot on the wall. One of the ideas as well is to install a shelf on an empty wall above your toilet. This way, you can say that you really utilized the room in your bathroom.

Handling your towels

Now, it is a fact that there is seldom a thing that your bathroom needs more that towels. For the sake of practicality, regardless of how much towels you seem to have it is never enough. Unfortunately this causes yet again a potential space shortage. This is why, you should think a bit about bathroom towel storage. Sure you can pile them all on your washing machine, cabinet or some other flat surface in the bathroom, but this might not be the wisest way to go. Utilize your space by installing a wall towel racks or caskets.

Drawers, drawers everywhere

For most of the things in your bathroom however, the truth is that drawers are simply the ultimate mean of storing. In a recent conversation with people behind Integriti Homes we learned that not only are these bathroom cabinets extremely practical, but also a great visual addition. Even some of the narrowest cabinets may surprise you with their capacity so this is definitely a direction to think towards. Getting the right cabinet for your bathroom may solve your storage shortage like no other idea so far.

Storage boxes

There are some extremely nice handcrafted wooden boxes that you could use to store some of the smaller items in your bathroom. Just find a spot for your box, usually somewhere in the corner on the floor or on top aforementioned cabinet. This, on the other hand mostly depends on the dimensions of the box in question. If the box is of smaller proportions it may yet even be fitted inside of a cabinet instead of on top of it.

Specific item holders

Some things should be in the bathroom but some appliances are simply essential to its functions. For this reason alone some items like hair dryer sometimes have a specifically designed holders. Apart from helping you manage the room in your bathroom better, getting a hair dryer holder brings another advantage to the table. This way, you will always leave your dryer in the same place and therefore always know where to find it. An idea like this can be a genuine lifesaver.

As you can see, your options are nearly endless you just need to start thinking outside of a box. Where there is a will, there is a way and by investing enough time and effort towards it, you will solve your bathrooms storage crisis in no time.

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