Benefits of using a Humidifier this winter

During the winter months, the air becomes very dry. This dryness can cause you or the ones you love to have skin, health or issues in the household that are not only annoying but uncomfortable. To remedy this problem, a humidifier can be used. Humidifiers will add moisture back into the air to eliminate the dryness, creating a comfortable environment. By increasing the humidity levels in the home, you can improve the indoor air quality and also help to fight health issues and reduce the ability for viruses and other illnesses to enter the home.

Window Winter

You can add a humidifier to certain rooms of the home or speak with a local HVAC service provider to have a whole home humidifier installed into the home. The humidifier service will help to improve the overall humidity of the home, creating a comfortable and inviting environment.

Infection Risk Reduced

One bonus of adding a humidifier is that you will be reducing the risk of infections in the home. Bacteria and viruses cannot travel very well when the air is moist. When you use a humidifier, you can reduce the risk that you will be subject to the flu or other common winter illnesses.

Enjoy Better Skin Quality

When the air is dry, the moisture in your skin is easily removed. This can cause you have to have skin problems all over the body including dryness, flaking, even itching. When your skin begins to itch due to dryness, it will lead to flaking and become quite annoying. A humidifier will help to prevent the skin affects and help you have lovely skin, even in the driest of winters.

Sinus Comfort

Sinuses commonly attack during the winter time, leaving you with a dry and tight feeling in the nose area. Your sinuses can easily be dried out during the winter months, leaving you with a crusty or even bleeding nose. With added moisture in the air, you can avoid this problem and remain comfortable. During the night time hours, sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom for a comfortable nights’ rest and a moisture sinus passage.

Quicker Healing Time

When you do suffer from a cold or sinus issue, you will not heal as fast in dry air. It keeps the infection around longer, which means you will feel bad for a longer period of time. Using a humidifier will help you to keep your nasal passages moist as well as your throat which will help you to heal at a faster rate.

Houseplant Health

As you have dry air in the home that affects you, the air will also affect any plants you have. Plants are used to remove toxins from the air. When the air is dry, the soil will become dry and the plants can look droopy. You can use a humidifier in the home to keep your plants well as well as yourself.

Vocal Cord Damage

When you awake in the morning hours in a home with dry air, you may be clearing your throat or sound funny. The dry air has reached your vocal cords during the night time hours and affected the way you sound. With a humidifier, your vocal cords will remain moist and you will sound and feel normal when you awake. This, by itself, is important enough to warrant humidifier service.

Reduced Heating Bill

We all run our heating system in the winter months on a constant basis to stay warm. When you use a humidifier, the air will remain moist which means the home will feel warmer. The added moisture in the air will allow you to use a lower setting on your heating unit which means a lower monthly bill for your home.

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