Best Hedge Plants And Shrubs To Use In Landscaping

If you have a wall made of plants then you already know what a “hedge” is. Many are very decorative and might not be serving any other practical function. For decorative hedge plants, they are mostly trimmed to very particular shapes and sizes and can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs. These kinds of shrubs can also provide some security to the property. For those interested in coming up with a hedge or wall that keeps on growing, a number of things must be clear. You can always take a peek at pictures of what the different hedges will be like in case you are interested in a particular type.

Hedge Plants

Hedge Planting

In basically every row of hedge plants densely growing and well maintained, security of the property can be enhanced. Those who might require some additional security level but might still want to turn to the use of hedge plants as compared to fences can choose small thorny trees such as hawthorns or shrubs or find those with prickly leaves such as the holly.

However, apart from a practical security function, hedges serve more than that. A hedge can create a windbreaker or private screen where small trees can be used alone or mixed with certain plants or shrubs. To create windbreakers or privacy screens, the idea is all about giving them a chance to grow as naturally as possible as compared to trimming them to a specific shape and size.

Evergreen Hedge Shrubs To Look At

There are many types of evergreen hedge shrubs and it all depends on the kind of hedge you are looking to grow and the practical purpose for the same. One of these is the holly shrub usually grown for multiple purposes. For a classic choice of the most ideal hedge plant boxwoods are usually the best. They are broadleaf evergreens very respected by European aristocrats for hundreds of years that defined the garden design as it is known today.   Mountain laurels are other broadleaf evergreens that can be planted as a hedge. It is worth noting that mountain laurels are bloomers in the early days of summer or late spring and are not trimmed in the same way as boxwoods.

For evergreens with needles, the classic type is the yew bush. They can tolerate some shade and thus are very popular with lots of yews growing tall to provide a private screen but are some of the slowest growing shrubs around.

Deciduous Hedges Shrub Types

As they bloom, deciduous hedge shrubs are very good looking but might be different during the winter months. For some months during the year, they usually drop their leaves and might not be the best privacy screen you wanted. Deciduous shrubs you will find commonly around as hedges include lilac bushes, forsythia and Sharon. They are not easily pruned as boxwood with some such as the forsythia looking wonderful especially if allowed to be as hairy as possible.

Depending on the purpose and practicality of the shrub, you can always choose one that is great for the weather pattern of your area and serves security, decorative or privacy screen needs.

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