Blocking Break-ins: A Guide to Protecting Your Home

Most break-ins happen very quickly. An experienced burglar can be in and out of your home in 10 minutes or less. Keep your peace of mind and home safe by implementing some simple precautions.

Home Security System - Blocking Break-ins: A Guide to Protecting Your Home


Common sense is your best defense against break-ins. Doing things like keeping your doors and windows locked while you are away and sleeping; canceling mail and newspaper delivery when you go on vacation; and installing timers on lights to give the appearance that someone is home can all help deter break-ins.

If you live in a high-risk area, you may want to consider getting a dog. It does not need to be a large guard dog. Small dogs are very capable of alerting their owners to possible intruders.

Do not fall prey to obvious tactics that are easily discovered. This includes hiding a house key under the welcome mat or in a fake rock. Conspire with a trusted neighbor and hide the key in their yard. Change the location each time you use the key.


Your landscaping can offer more than curb appeal. It can be an effective deterrent to break-ins. Bushes, the thornier the better, strategically placed under windows will make any burglar think twice. Keeping your bushes trimmed will eliminate easy hiding places and cover for criminal activity.

Avoid storing valuable items in the open. A burglar may assume what you have inside is more valuable than expensive equipment or vehicles in the driveway.

Keep your lawn and home well lit. Consider installing motion or dusk to dawn lights so they turn on automatically. Working with a landscape design team can help you create a lighting setup for your home that you like visually while eliminating dark, shadowy places around the property.

Alarm Systems

Consult professionals when considering an alarm system. A certified security specialist can determine which type of system best suits your needs. Certification ensures the homeowner will receive proper installation, maintenance and training support from the security company.

Neighborhood Watch

Consider forming a Neighborhood Watch program in your area. These organizations comprise of a group of citizens who agree to remain diligent and report suspicious activity to the local police. A neighborhood watch fosters better communication, unity and friendships in communities. Speak to your local police department for more information about forming a neighborhood watch in your community.

Possessions can be replaced but your sense of safety and security are not as easily recovered. Protecting your home with Tele-Plus can bring you and your family the peace of mind you desire.

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