Boilers- A long lasting invention!

The first idea of a boiler was conceived in 1766 by John Blakey. He applied for patents and since then these have been in vogue. Although there have been a few additions here and there to peripherals, with subtraction of components, reduction of the size, the working principle has remained more or less the same!


Types of boilers:

Boilers are basically devices used to heat liquids till such high temperatures that they are converted to steam. The most common type of boiler is the steam boiler, which when replaced by heavier equipment, modifying the shape of the containers and increasing the pressures can be used for a variety of purposes. Strictly speaking, there are two types of boilers; water tube boilers and fire tube boilers.

Water tube boilers:

Here, water is heated inside the tubes and hot gasses surround the tubes.

Fire tube boilers:

There are a number of tubes, through which gases are passed, and water surrounds these tubes.

Working principle:

Like any other device, the boilers too have a principle on which they are built. The working principle of a boiler is:

  • The water which is to be heated is stored in a container. This is exposed to heating agents or fuels mostly coal, which are burnt in a furnace producing gasses.
  • These gasses come in contact with the container and thus the heat transfer from the steam to the components of the container take place.
  • This process goes on till the container fluid is converted completely into steam.

Boiler safety guards:

Annually the maintenance of these boilers, cost industries and households a lot of money, and to cut the costs that arise it is advisable that you exercise a bit of caution while using the devices.  Here’s what you can do:

    • Constantly check the water levels: There is about an inch of gap between the actual level of water and the minimal level of water as required and set by the manufacturing. Make sure that there is not much of a gap between the two and maintain constant refilling of the same.
    • Check the pressure levels and valves: Make sure the pressure levels are intact and no leakages. Usually the threshold levels are much greater than that of what we use in our daily life. So make sure that your pressure level is intact.
    • Check the water columns: Water columns are the connectors that bind your drum to the gage glasses. The user’s manual clearly mentions as to how much level you should maintain. This varies due to the fact that various devices have different pressures and different heat levels.
    • Use proper heat sinks
    • Check for the guidelines set for the outer casings in the manual. Yorkshire boiler installation professionals would help you.
    • Whenever there is a leakage of water after usage, make sure to get rid of the water and keep the machine as dry as possible, to avoid rust and scale formation.
    • Check all the levers and be gentle in operation and installation. Alternatively, you could call Yorkshire boiler installation services.
    • Check for corrosions and leaks regularly.
    • Check for the blown fuse after usage.
    • Adhere to all the guidelines given the user’s guide and manuals. If in doubt, seek Yorkshire boiler installation company’s help.

Uses of boilers:

Boilers find their usage in almost all the fields that involve the working with high pressures and temperatures. Typical areas of the usage of boilers include steam engines, blowers, ship propellers, cement production, soil steaming and more such areas that involve the usage of steam.

Checklist of your boiler:

When you send your boiler for maintenance and repairs, the technicians usually ask for all these components and working, especially if you are transporting your boiler to another place. These are what they fill up in their service forms:

  • Plug
  • Blowup valves
  • Water gauge
  • Blow down valves
  • Main down valves

Give all the necessary information handy when consulting Yorkshire boiler installation services.

Boom of the boiler industry:

Due to energy dependent and heavy machinery thriving nations, there has been a tremendous increase in the boiler industry, where a number of new boiler maintenance, servicing and conditioning companies are popping up globally. Due to the easy working principle, most of the industries that relied heavily on extinguishable resources are now switching to boilers due to the abundance of water and the non-usage of any other extra machinery to get the job done.

However, just because it is easy to use and water is abundant, we should not approach the usage and safety lax, as most of the explosions and blasts that have taken place at the boiler sites have resulted in high number of casualties. This calls for a judicial, efficient and safe use of boilers. Professional help is always available at Yorkshire boiler installation services.

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