Brightening up Your Home: 4 Benefits to More Natural Light

The benefits received when you pull back those heavy curtains and let in outside light are enormous. Better yet, remove them completely for an even more dramatic effect. Most people grow up keeping their windows shuttered. Often, they learn the reason is for privacy.

Natural Light - Brightening up Your Home: 4 Benefits to More Natural Light

Maintaining privacy is possible while still letting natural light flow through your dwelling. Strategic use of landscaping techniques is helpful. Learning to live with natural light leads to a more natural body rhythm. Here are a few reasons you should let the light shine throughout your home.

Arrange Home to Enhance Light and Maintain Privacy

Consider some novel ways to let outside light flow through your home. One way involves replacing solid passageway and entry doors with glass. While wood is often beautiful, use it to accent your doors instead of remaining a barrier to sunshine.

In areas where privacy is naturally a concern, tinted glass or frosted windows let light flow throughout the room while keeping prying eyes at bay. Strategic etching on glass shower doors lets light flow in while disguising key areas.

Save Energy and Related Costs

Energy costs can drain your pocketbook fast. Energy efficient windows save up to 25 to 30 percent of your heating and cooling bills. When you open your open to natural light, you tend to need less artificial light on in your home. This saves on your energy bills and decreases your carbon footprint.

Discuss heating and cooling strategy with your residential window services expert. Providing windows to enhance natural light is their specialty. Offering energy-efficient window options is their way to help you save money.

Natural Light Helps Your Mood and Your Family’s Health

Artificial light plays a contributing role to increase depression and related mental health problems. Furthermore, lifting depression helps increase your energy and productivity levels.

When you and your family have reduced exposure to sunlight, the body cannot produce enough Vitamin D to maintain optimal levels. This also leads to lower serotonin levels, which can lead to depression.

Brighten Dull and Dingy Rooms

Every room has a corner or spot where dust and debris accumulate unnoticed. When natural light flows in, it shows dull, dirty areas of a room or hallway. This allows those areas to get a thorough cleaning.

Larger windows with little or no window coverings can brighten a room, hallway or your entire house. Sunshine brightens the dullest house and can transform it into a light, cozy home. If you are looking to update your windows you should contact a residential window service today.

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