Business Apartment Budget Doesn’t Mean Dorm Room Decor

Being on the road is part of the job, and staying in a business apartment makes it easier. The quarters are comfortable and familiar, but after a while they all look and feel the same. With a little imagination, it’s easy to put personality into any corporate apartment and still take that individuality with you to the next stop.

Business Apartment

Take Comfort in Color

Stretching out on a couch to relax is one of the amenities of temporarily living in more than a hotel room. Make it even better with your own creature comforts. They can be a favorite pillow and throw from home, or you can pick up something small and colorful just for road trips. A splash of your favorite hues are welcoming cues that the working day is over even if you aren’t really at your own house. Let bold patterns and exciting colors brighten up the room and your mood.

Own the Walls

The pictures on the walls of a business apartment probably don’t get a second glance. They’re intentionally bland, but they’re rarely nailed in place. Quietly take those boring images down, and hang something you really like. It’s easy to find original art online in slender, lightweight frames that slip between packed clothes in your suitcase. Try for unique and affordable artwork. Installing a gallery isn’t the point; the idea is to always have a couple of pictures to hang that help chase away those dorm room blues.

Wake Up the Place

Radio clocks just scream dorm room, so unplug that unsightly thing, and use your own wake-up service. Buy a cheerful alarm clock just for the road, and choose something that makes you smile even if it’s meant for the kids’ room. That cup of coffee in the morning is a necessity, but why stare down a generic drip brewer? You deserve better, so pick up a personal travel carafe. This amazing little appliance lets you customize your morning brew, and a brightly colored model will perk up your mood.

Make Little Things Count

You may be a track pad demon on the laptop, but a mouse pad with a splashy design still brightens up the work desk. Add a colorful coaster for your beverage of choice, and it gets even more interesting. That coaster can do double duty at the dining table with a couple of colorful place mats to liven up your meals. Decorating the refrigerator with funny magnets helps make your boring kitchenette more interesting. You can use them to post notes about everything from work to more ideas on putting some personality into your temporary surroundings.

However you decide to upgrade that ordinary business apartment, be sure to keep a couple of colorful tote bags handy. They look great tossed in a chair, and they’re perfect for packing up your personal decorating stash for the next stop. Business travel is a big part of what you do, and you know how to handle it. Still, every road warrior deserves a smile, so take that dull room by the decorating horns, and make it all yours.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger and graphic designer who loves color! She’s found that shopping at is an easy way to add color to the walls of any travel home.

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