Buying And Trimming Wooden Venetian Blinds

It is possible to employ a company to measure and install your wooden blinds but this can be an unnecessary expense if you follow this simple guide to measuring and trimming shop-bought products.

Wooden Venetian Blinds
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Use a metal measuring tape and take three measurements, one across the top, one across the middle, and one across the bottom. Make a note of the smallest measurement as this is the width of the blinds you need.

Do the same to measure the drop, this time measuring vertically, and ensure that you include any valances or pelmets at the top of your blind. If you are buying blinds for more than one window, measure all of them even if they look the same.

It is also important to check and double check your measurements before choosing from the wide range that is available, such as those on offer at

Trimming to size

If standard sized wooden blinds are not suitable for your windows it is possible to trim them down to size. Before you start, gather the tools you will need including a tape measure, a pencil, painter’s tape, a hacksaw, and a pair of clamps.

Install the brackets that will hold the blind and then ensure that the blind itself is closed together as tightly as possible. Wrap the cords around it and then clamp the blind firmly together at one end and then the other. Do not over-tighten as you do not want to bend the metal bar at the top.

In order to make sure that the cords are still in the right position, you will need to trim the same amount from each end. Take the original width of the blind, subtract your window width measurement and then divide by two. This figure is the amount of blind you will need to trip off each end. Mark this distance on the top of your blind and on the bottom, and then measure the blind and your window again – just to make sure.

Use painter’s tape on the front and back to connect the marks at the top and bottom. Make sure that the tape is stuck to each individual slat as this will help to minimise splintering when you cut the blind.

Use even strokes with your hacksaw to cut off the ends or a power band saw if you have one. Dab a tiny amount of paint, varnish, or a specialist product on the ends whilst still in the clamps to keep out moisture. You are then ready to dress your window.

Safety first

Every year one or two children are strangled by the looped cords of blinds in Britain – especially in bedrooms – so thinking about safety is essential. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa) recommends using cleats to ensure that cords are kept out of children’s reach.

It is also important to ensure that cots and children’s beds are not placed under windows and, at the very least, you should tie up the cords. Do not be tempted to cut the loops as this can leave one side longer than the other and create even more of a strangulation risk.

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