Caring for Your Kitchen: 5 Maintenance Tasks to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Keeping your kitchen clean and well-maintained might seem like a time-consuming process, but a little bit of work will make a big difference. Sanitizing every surface and servicing your appliances could help you avoid expensive problems down the road. Here are a few maintenance tips that will keep things running smoothly in your kitchen.

Clean Kitchen - Caring for Your Kitchen: 5 Maintenance Tasks to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Deep Clean Your Appliances

When it comes to maintaining your kitchen, you should always start with big spills and stains. At least once or twice a month, you need to thoroughly clean all of the appliances inside and out. It is especially important to clean your refrigerator’s coils if you want that device to remain as efficient as possible. Most kitchen appliances can easily be cleaned with a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and warm water.

Keep Pests Out of Your Kitchen

The most effective way to keep pests out of your kitchen is to make sure that they don’t have access to any food or water. Unwanted bugs and rodents will find their way into your home if dirty dishes are left out and spills aren’t cleaned up right away. You should also hire a pest and rodent control specialist at least twice a year for preventative services such as sealing openings and replacing old traps.

Clear Out the Sink

Your sink and garbage disposal, if you have one, will most likely produce some very unpleasant odors if you don’t clean it once every few weeks. After you have clear the visible areas, you can use baking soda and white vinegar to eradicate the odors. You must also make sure that you keep all food debris out of the unit. That includes coffee grounds, eggshells, animal fat, and vegetable peels. If you’re unsure whether something can go down your drain, be cautious and throw it out instead.

Sanitize the Range Hood Filter

Over the course of a few months, a hood filter can become clogged with grease particles, and that is going to increase your risk of an accidental fire. Most filters can easily be cleaned with a high-quality sponge and some de-greaser. If the filter is particularly dirty, then you might need to let it soak in de-greaser overnight. For activated carbon filters, you should inspect and replace them once every few months.

Seal Your Countertops

Marble and slate are incredibly durable materials, but they still need to be protected. As a general rule, you should reseal your countertops when water no longer beads on them. When you are cleaning the countertops, you must avoid using abrasive materials such as steel wool pads. To remove deep stains, you will need to use poultice paste and a clean cloth.

In addition to these maintenance tips, you should also consider getting a home warranty plan. A comprehensive home warranty plan should cover most repairs and service calls for all of your major kitchen appliances. With your cleaning strategies, rodent control, preventative measures, and your insurance all working together, your kitchen can run smoothly and be the heart of your home.

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