Changing for the Better: How to Beautify Your Home Inside and Out

Seasonal changes are a great time to refresh your living spaces, both outside and in. For most of us, both time and money are limited in supply. Planning your changes with care can help you get the best impact for your investment.

Home Inside - Changing for the Better: How to Beautify Your Home Inside and Out

Pretend You’re Moving In

Pull everything away from the walls, sweep down from floor to ceiling and wipe down the baseboards. Remove everything from the walls, patch holes and paint a room or two.

Before you put things back, consider how you’d place things if you were just moving in. Is there a table or a bookcase you could relocate into this room to make your life a little easier? Are you currently using a side table that’s starting to look shabby? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders both for walls and furniture!

Get a Handle on Clutter

Stand in the middle of the largest room of your house and check out the flat surfaces around you. Are any of them open and restful, or do you have knick-knacks everywhere? If your house is loaded with pretty things, it may be tempting to have all of them out all of the time.

However, you might make the space calmer and more enjoyable with just a few pieces on display. This is also great for your budget. When shopping, you may spot things that work with your décor and current possessions. Before you purchase, think:

  • Is this beautiful?
  • Is this memorable?
  • Is this serviceable?

If an item truly holds your attention, you will likely enjoy it for years. If it just catches your fancy, it may just wind up in a box, cupboard or a drawer.

Covering up Eyesores

Electronics can make our lives much easier, but they come with a lot of cables and bulk that can be visually jarring. If your router or cable box constantly draw the eye because they’re parked in a pile of cables, consider a crate or fabric box to contain these items.

Crates can be painted to match your space and offer gaps in the slats for cords. Fabric boxes are handy because you can purchase them in a variety of colors and many have lids. By cutting a small slit at the back of the box, you can run the primary power cable into the box, plug in everything that needs electricity, and close the lid. The box will shield electronics from view, protect them from dust and match your décor!

Don’t Forget the Exteriors

Your home exteriors should be tidy and well-kept but they don’t necessarily have to be complex. Take a look at your property and find any issues. Make sure your lawn is green and free of patches. Consider reseeding or lawn installation to fix any problem areas. Make sure your roof is in good condition. You might find that you’re missing some shingles or it needs a new coating. You might even find you want to completely replace it with new roofing altogether. Make sure your property is clutter free and organized. If you store things outside, make sure everything has a safe, assigned place.

The simplest way to beautify your home is to make space for and include the things you truly love. This will keep you happier and calmer at home.

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