Charting The History Of Tiles

Much before the 20th century, tiles were only meant for public buildings of importance and the wealthy. However, times have changed now and those rich-looking tiles are affordable and come in almost all designs.

Floor tiles

Tiles have a history that dates to Egypt in 4000 BC. In the beginning, the intricate art of tile-manufacturing was demonstrated by the Assyrians and Babylonians. However, gradually, tile-manufacturing was embraced by the Romans, Chinese, Persians, Indians, Turkish, and many others.

When it comes to design, the Islamic tile art was perfected in the Middle East. Besides, this art flourished in China, and was adopted by the Dutch, Italians and other European countries. In Australia, too, you can find the right tiles. How? Here’s a solution: Try Googling Bathroom Tiles Brisbane and Bathroom Tiles Sydney tobegin with. Trust us, you’ll come across a number of options and you will not be disappointed.

But before we tell you how to look up for the perfect bathroom tiles in Australia, let’s get back to their history.

During the 19thcentury British-ruled America, expensive tiles were imported and installed in the homes of high and mighty. Though the working class could not afford the luxuries of having a tile-floored bathroom, the rich had tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens of their mansions. Though design was a factor, the tiles were used keeping in mind sanitation and hygiene. By this time, tiles were being more in use and they were not limited to just a select few, but to those who could afford it. In short, they were relatively more accessible than in earlier times.

From small potteries and artisans, tile production had shifted to factories across the globe. Frequent industrial advances too helped.

During the 1950s, ceramic tiles had reached the houses of the middle-class; by now they were being more widely used in North America. Cut to present times, almost everyone can afford tiles. Now, what matters is the design and Bathroom Tiles Sydney and Bathroom Tiles Brisbane give you the independence of the design you want for your bathroom. The most exquisite and opulent designs are now available on a click of a button on the Internet. All you have to do is take some time out and check for the design that is the perfect fit for your home.

With technology and industry making the best use of what they have, tiles have undergone a sea change in the past 6,000 years. Charting the history of tiles, you get to know about this trivial-yet-important factor in your house. Tiles are sanitary and they give you the right design at the right place. All you have to do is check Bathroom Tiles Brisbane and Bathroom Tiles Sydney.

Many innovations have taken this industry to where it is now. Interior design might not be important for a house, but for a loving home it tells about the outlook of the family living in it. Bathroom Tiles Brisbane and Bathroom Tiles Sydney give you the right choices. So, when you want the best tiles in these two very cosmopolitan cities of Australia, you know what to look for and how to look for it. You need to give it a try. By now, we are sure that bathroom tiles must not seem as trivial to you as they looked earlier. So, give it a try look up on the Internet and chart the history of tiles and do ensure that you pick the right design for your bathroom. It is true that you want a home that has lots of love. And for that, what you need is the right design in your bathroom.


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