Choosing The Right Contractor

Choosing a contractor Greenvale company comes down to many factors associated with general contracting work. Customers must be thoughtful about every aspect of a construction job, and the contractor that does not meet the expectations of the customer should not be hired. Think through each item below to make sure a contractor offers it before hiring them to complete any work on the property.

Contracting and Painting

A Free Estimate

Contractors must be willing to survey the property and offer a free estimate for the job that is to be done. However, this estimate includes more than an estimate of costs. The estimate should include rough plans for the job, consultation on the desired outcome and suggestions for how to make the job work well. If the contractor is not willing to offer this style of comprehensive service, it is best for customers to look elsewhere.

The Timeframe

Contractors cannot predict every event that will happen on the job site, but they can give customers a rough estimate of how long the job will take. Customers pay for labor by the hour, and a contractor that suddenly drags out a project could be fleecing the customer of hourly wages. When the contractor offers a timeline for the project, hold them to it. There should be concessions made for unforeseen circumstances within reason.

The Cost

The cost of most of the job should be set beforehand. However, contractors should ask for a deposit on the job. Most contractors will request a deposit in the amount of 10% of the total cost. This protects the contractor and does not take too much money out of the pocket of the customer. When both sides agree to this arrangement, the job is more likely to be done without incident.

Working with the right contractor is essential making a house feel like a brand new home. Making changes to the house or making additions is a complicated task, but contractors who understand this work can offer a full range of services to the customer. When customers are working with the contractor in good faith, everyone walks away from the job happy.

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