Cleaning your entertainment system for a Nice Home

Though when we were growing up we might have been quite happy with our small TV set in the corner of the room, times have changed.

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For most people, having a large screen TV and a hundred or so channels to watch has come to be regarded as essential.

It’s not uncommon for the average household to spend thousands of dollars on anything from a 42 LCD TV with surround sound up to a cinema projector system that wouldn’t be out of place at the local multiplex.

If you’re going to buy 3d TV or upgrade to a high definition set, though, your viewing pleasure is going to soon be diminished unless you take care of your purchase.

HDTV isn’t going to look as sharp as you’d like, if you’re watching through a layer of dust on the screen.

And your 3DTV set won’t continue to dazzle you if your toddler’s finger marks are all over it.

So do make sure that you clean your set regularly, with a soft, lint-free cloth and even some gentle cleaning solution that is geared for the job.

LCD screens can be easily gouged or scratched, even by fingernails, so they do require some TLC. A payday loan can help you get new 3DTV too.

Cleaning kit
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If you don’t want to buy specialist cleaning products, which do tend to be quite expensive, you can clean them with isopropyl alcohol – also known as rubbing alcohol – mixed with distilled water (never tap water, or you’ll get hard mineral spots on your screen).

You should dilute the rubbing alcohol with water, an equal amount of both, and pour the solution into a spray bottle that is capable of producing spray in a mist pattern.

Gently wipe the screen in a consistent circular motion, applying even pressure to the cloth.

Avoid using tissue paper, as it’s too thin. Some people use an old t-shirt as a cloth, which is absolutely fine as it’s best for the cloth to have a large surface area.

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