Clogs, Drains and Toilets: 4 Jobs You Should Leave to a Plumber

When your water or drainage systems start to malfunction, it’s be tempting to try to fix the problem yourself rather than hire a plumber. However, there are some repair jobs that are best left to a professional plumber due to the equipment required or the difficulty of the work. Here are four issues that you should leave to a plumber.

Stubborn Clogs - Clogs, Drains and Toilets: 4 Jobs You Should Leave to a Plumber

Stubborn Clogs

Your shower drains and toilets are used every day, so if you’re struggling with a particular stubborn clog, call a plumber rather than risk permanently damaging anything. Plumbers have effective unclogging techniques learned through experience and access to professional equipment, so you know they’ll be able to fix the blockage without damaging your drainage systems.

Installing New Fixtures

If you have new plumbing fixtures that need to be installed, it’s unadvisable to attempt to do the installation yourself. Plumbers have years of experience installing fixtures, so by hiring dependable plumber you can be sure that your fixture won’t suffer from leaky joints or other common issues, and if you make mistakes installing the fixture, you’ll likely deal with emergency repairs later.

Water Heater Repairs

Unless you have extensive experience working with water heaters, let a professional deal with repairs. In some cases, water heater maintenance can pose an electrical shock hazard, and incorrectly installing or repairing a water heater often leads to water or steam leaks, which cause water damage to your home. To avoid potential danger and to ensure you don’t make the problem with your water heater worse, leave it to the plumber.

Anything Involving Propane or Natural Gas

Piping issues will sometimes involve dealing with natural gas or propane, and this is a job that you should never attempt to do yourself. Plumbers have equipment to help detect the source of gas leaks and properly seal them, and if you do it yourself and fail to seal all cracks, gas may still be slowly seeping into your home. In addition, propane and natural gas can present an explosion hazard if pipes are incorrectly repaired or installed.

While attempting plumbing repairs yourself can be tempting, there are some jobs you should always leave to professionals like those at Michigan Plumbing Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc. Anytime new fixtures are being repaired or installed, it’s ill-advised to attempt installation itself due to the long-term problems even small mistakes can cause. In addition, anytime there is a safety hazard involved, such as flammable or explosive materials or possible electric shocks, you should leave the job to professionals, who will have the knowledge and equipment to handle repairs safely.

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