Conquer Your Courtyard: How to Design the Perfect Patio

Your patio is much more than a place to sit and have a glass of wine. It is an integral part of your home, and your patio should reflect the way you live. We only have so much time in this world, so you want to spend your time at home in a place you enjoy. There are a few things to take into consideration when you set out to design the perfect patio.

Perfect Patio - Conquer Your Courtyard: How to Design the Perfect Patio

What Do You Want Your Patio to Be?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to patio design. Do you want your patio to be an extension of, or a retreat from, the interior of your home? The way you use your porch should be the primary factor you consider when you design your patio. If you want to use your patio as a place to get away from your cares, you might want to choose a design that evokes, for instance, a beach resort. If it is to be an extension of your home, however, the theme and color pattern should reflect your house’s interior.

Buy Weatherproof Furniture

No matter where you live, there are going to be some days when the rain comes. Even if you live in a particularly arid area like Arizona or Utah there will still be a chance for showers—and with it the chance for damage to your patio furniture. Weatherproof furniture also has the benefit of lasting longer in any element due to the hardier nature of the material.

Building a Patio Enclosure

A tasteful patio enclosure can serve both designer and utilitarian purposes. If you have pets or small children, an enclosure can allow them to play out on the patio without the worries of them of them wandering off. In rural areas, they help to protect the area around your patio from unwanted pests and critters.

Choosing Ideal Lighting

Lighting is an important feature in keeping your porch looking good and staying usable at night. Energy-saving LED bulbs are pretty standard these days, but they come in different brightness and colors. Choose lighting that accents your construction.

Experiment Before Installing

Built-in patio features can be very costly. A good way to understand if you will use/enjoy a certain feature is to purchase a mobile version of that feature before installation. For example, before installing a BBQ in your patio, use a portable one to make sure it is a viable option.

Your perfect patio will take time and effort, but the warm summer nights and cold winter days spent on the patio will be more than enough reward. Furthermore, you can expedite the process by hiring a fence company to build your patio enclosure.

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