Converting Your Attic Into a Living Space? 4 Helpful Renovation Tips

Having more living space is a goal that many homeowners have set for themselves. Maybe you wish to draw in tenants to earn extra money, or your family needs more room to grow in. In any event, you’ve decided to generate that extra space by converting the attic. While you’re exploring different styles, make certain to turn your attention toward practical matters, as well.

Attic - Converting Your Attic Into a Living Space? 4 Helpful Renovation Tips


Ensuring that the attic has power is imperative. If you rent out your attic as a mother-in-law apartment, you’ll be hard-pressed to find tenants who will move in to a powerless apartment. But even if you want this space to provide a personal retreat for relaxation without electronics, you still need to have lighting. Regardless of how much or how little you’re planning to do in terms of electricity, you should consult with a qualified electrician to find out if your home’s current electrical system can handle the updates. For example, you may need to upgrade the amps available to your home to support the additions.


Imagine spending a chilly winter’s day in an attic without heat, or attempting to relax in the middle of the summer without air conditioner. Neither you nor your renters would enjoy such extreme conditions. When it comes to HVAC systems for your attic, portable units are unlikely to provide enough comfort. The project depends at least partially upon what systems you currently have. For example, you may need to add vents to the attic, or you may need to purchase window-unit air conditioners.


The decision to add a bathroom and kitchen to the attic is a wise one if you’re planning to rent out your attic, or even if you yourself will be spending a decent amount of time there. Instead of having to take a break from your relaxation to climb up and down the stairs, you can simply have everything that you need available. A cost-effective method of installing plumbing in your attic is to minimize the distance between the attic plumbing and the already existing plumbing. This way, there will be less wall damage to deal with.


Without insulation, you or your tenants are likely to feel quite a chill during the colder months. Furthermore, you may feel as though you are simply sitting in an old attic as opposed to an actual room in your house. The decision to install insulation can transmute this space into one that the whole family wants to hang out in. You might find that family game night ends up moving to the attic.

Renovating the attic is a project that can offer you more living space. Keeping these factors in mind can ensure that you have a room that really feels like part of the home, or a mother-in-law apartment that will draw in tenants. Whether it’s installing air conditioners or making sure there is sufficient lighting, converting your attic into a living space takes a good amount of effort. However, once it’s finished and you’re reaping the benefits of your hard work, you likely won’t regret the time and energy you invested in it. 

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