Cool Ideas for Modernising Your Apartment

Having a modern apartment doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy an expensive new apartment off the plan. Instead, you can look at your existing apartment and make small changes to have a funkier modern apartment. Simple ideas such as exposed brickwork, polished concrete flooring, modern colour schemes and even unique furniture can go a long way to modernising the look of your premises.


Whatever you decide to do with your home you need to take a well planned, balanced approach to create the right home for you. Even if you want to make it modern it still has to be liveable and if you want to sell it later it also has to add value. Just experimenting with things that may not look so great may end up making your apartment harder to sell.

Working Within Limitations with Apartments

The first things you need to consider are the limitations within your apartment, area and building in general. This will include:

  • The cost of upgrades and whether they will add value.
  • The difficulty in gaining strata approval for any changes.
  • The process of gaining council approval.
  • Basic limitations due to living within an apartment.

One of the limitations you will face is the flooring, ceiling and walls as these will be fixed. Certainly, you can add certain walls but it is unlikely you will be able to remove any walls due to problems this could cause to the entire building. You can use some limitations to your advantage such as using polished concrete as it is likely you will have a concrete floor anyway.

Starting from Scratch with Your Apartment

If you have the budget and want to create a truly modern feel in an older apartment then you should really start from scratch. This means reducing your apartment to its most basic form of just bare walls and floor. In doing so this will allow you to completely renovate the apartment in any way imaginable.

You should also invest in modern, sleek fittings for your electrical sockets, taps, and other permanent fixtures. There is a lot of opportunity when considering revamping bathrooms in older apartments as these can look rather dated:

  • Use stainless steel easy to use taps.
  • Update your shower to something more open.
  • Update old, out of date tiling to something more modern.

Likewise, you can also do a lot with a kitchen or anything else older than 10 years will likely need a big makeover. If you want something modern that won’t age too much then stainless steel may be for you. It is very neutral and allows for easier cleaning of your kitchen.

Adding a New Feature to Your Apartment

While you want to have an overall design to your apartment you will also need to have something to make people say “wow”. This can be a number of things from large artwork or photography to feature walls in bright colours, a special piece of furniture or anything else that will make you house pop!

Beware when you are upgrading your house that some things may be beyond the ability of a DIYer. Always employ the help of a professional if you are not too sure as it can often be more expensive to do it yourself and have your mistakes fixed up later.

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