Cordless Power Tools v. Electric Power Tools

Power tools have become indispensable in the manufacturing industry. Power tools, of course, are also beloved by people who love working on their DIY projects. Power tools in general are very easy to find, and there are many reputable brands out there that are quite affordable.

Power tools

However, a lot of people have a hard time deciding on whether they should purchase cordless power tools or electric (corded) power tools. Both kinds can be great options, but each comes with its own particular advantages and disadvantages. Your decision will largely depend on where you will be working and how you will be using your tools.

Cordless power tools

Cordless power tools are relatively new compared to their corded counterparts. They have many advantages going for them. They are compact, lightweight, easy to use, and give the user less fatigue. Because they are operated by batteries, they can be used anywhere you want, and they only require charging from time to time. The typical battery-operated power tool can run for up to four hours before having to be recharged. Many cordless power tools can last even longer. If impeccable convenience is what you are looking for, then cordless power tools are probably your best bet.

Take a look at Makita power tools, such as the Makita LXT

There have been many improvements made to cordless power tool technology over the years. However, because cordless tools have to be light in weight in order for them to be taken to different job sites, their batteries have to be kept small. This is why power sometimes has to be sacrificed, at least to an extent. Cordless tools are unable to produce the same amount of torque as their corded counterparts can.

Corded power tools

It is no secret that electric power tools have revolutionised a lot of things. Architecture, construction, and manufacturing have all been made much easier because of them. They have an incredible amount of torque and can run at extremely high speeds. They are always ready to be used, as long as you have a power outlet nearby, of course.

Dewalt power tools come with massive amounts of power, but in order to use the corded variety it is necessary to have a power outlet readily available. This is probably not a major problem at most job sites. There may be times, however, when you have to work in an area with no available outlets nearby. Thankfully, you can always use an extension cord or a power generator to get around this problem.

Purchasing your next set of power tools

Both cordless and corded power tools can help you get the job done. The truth is, it all comes down to preference. Corded power tools may give you the power that you need, but you may have to sacrifice mobility in the process. On the other hand, cordless power tools such as the Makita LXT, for example, can be extremely convenient, especially if you will be moving around a lot on the job.

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