Create Customized Curtains for Your Home

Drapes are the essential accessory of every home. You can easily cheer up the ambience of any room by hanging colourful and beautiful drapes. However, poorly selected drapes can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your home. Thus, it is important that you choose well-designed drapes to beautify your home. The colour, fabric and pattern of the curtains should be in keeping with the colour theme of your home. If you are looking to customize your curtains, then you have to consider creating curtains individually.


Choosing fabrics

The very first step in creating stunning curtains is choosing the right fabric. There are numerous types of fabrics available to suit the requirements of every home owner. Most people prefer choosing a fabric that provides protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, direct sunlight and dust. Such a fabric is usually suited for summer when the sunlight can be very harsh. It is necessary to get a fabric that will keep your room safe from dust and the sunlight and at the same time keep your room fresh by letting air in. Heavy fabrics are usually preferred by home owners for their main room and dining rooms. Heavy velvet fabric is a great choice that greatly enhances the overall look and appearance of any room. Ensure that the fabric will not lose its colour within a few weeks of purchasing because of exposure to sunlight or cleaning.

Choosing colours

You can buy lighter or darker coloured curtains for your rooms. Lighter coloured curtains make a room appear bigger and darker coloured curtains make a room look smaller. Also, lighter coloured curtains will brighten the feel of a room. If a room is very big and has few pieces of furniture, then you could hang darker coloured curtains. Choosing the right colour of curtains for your home can be a very tricky task. Nowadays, purple is very much in vogue and many home owners are selecting this colour theme for their rooms so that they can hang purple coloured curtains. It is necessary that you choose the best colour for your curtains because you are not going to change the curtains too often.

Get your customized curtains stitched

Do you have the expertise to make your own curtains? If you have the expertise then you can do it yourself. However, if you want to add any heavy fabric as a border or add some more style to your curtains, then making your own curtains may not be so easy. Thus, it would be a better option to hire a professional designer to make the curtains for your home. A professional designer will measure the size of your windows and create curtains according to the latest trends and styles. To create custom-made curtains, you need to follow the above stated steps. Keep your curtains good-looking and maintain them by cleaning them regularly. Do not use hard detergent for cleaning them because it may destroy the colour, pattern and design of your curtains.

Abbie is a creative interior decorator. She highlights the latest trends including the popularity of striped, vibrant coloured and purple curtains to many home owners who want to improve their interior decoration.

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