Create Unique Photographic Art for Your Home

The most important thing when it comes to your house or an apartment is to feel warm and welcoming. But no matter how you have painted your walls, or which furniture you have chosen, if there are no details that were carefully selected, you will never create that homely feeling for your family. So even though they come in the end, little things like tablecloths, candlesticks, cushions, and flowers should not be forgotten about.

Photographic Art

But most importantly, when you look at your walls, it is not their color, nor wallpaper that makes it more interesting, because in the end, if there is nothing on it, it will still look dull. That is why you should always hang pictures, but not just anything. Try to be as original as possible, and make your art reflect you and your personality.

Back to Teenage Years

You remember when you were in high school and you cut out of magazines all of your favorite singers and actors  that you had not-so-secret crush on? Well, today, you might be a bit old for that, but you can still pick a painting from your favorite artist and hung it up on the wall. Sounds a bit mainstream? That is why you can use program called Poster Candy to turn just anything into a poster, that will match the rest of your modernly decorated home. If you do not want to bother yourself with computer programs, you can get yourself Banksy Canvas Art Prints  and put this world famous caricaturist up on the wall, and make a serious statement with his art.

Instagram – Use it Well

You are probably just one among millions of instagram users who have pictures of every single moment of their lives, from morning selfie and a cup of coffee, to the once in a lifetime trip to Hong Kong. But why would you leave all those beautiful artistic pictures there on the internet, when you can print them out and have them in your home. You can thematize walls, dedicate each one, or a whole room, depending on number of photos, to one theme, or if you are a traveler, to one place you have been to.

Family Wall

Family Comes First

If you have a big loving family, and believe that it is them who deserve a special place in your home, then take their pictures, and put them up to have them close to you all the time. But instead of taking each picture independently like most people do, you could collect a couple of them and make a collage. Then you can put it on a canvas, and that way you will have space between the picture and the frame, where you can write something, like a note, or even names of people who are in those photographs.

Quote it

If you are really aiming for originality, you can go on pinterest or tumblir to look for your favorite quotes and lines from books and movies that have left a significant mark on you. Print them in different colors and sizes, or you can even use stickygram to turn them into little magnets for your fridge, and you can have your life motto written all over the living room.

So do not let your walls stay naked, but also do not buy just any picture you see in the store just because it is easy on the eyes. Be original, be inventive, and most importantly, remember that art is not there to look good, it is there to show off your personality.

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