Creating a Peaceful Home Environment

A home should be a place where you can retreat from the madness of the world, shed your stresses at the door, and find peace and restoration. Of course, few of us actually achieve that ideal in our own homes. Instead, it’s a constant battle to keep just one single room clean, spats with family and roommates arise daily, and our daily stresses follow us in the door, hitching a ride on our smartphones.

Peaceful Home - Creating a Peaceful Home Environment

If you’re looking for a little more peace in your home, here are 5 ideas to make it happen. True, many of these are easier said than done. But if you can just put one into practice, it could make every day a lot more tolerable. A peaceful home can encourage stronger family relationships, improve the health of everyone living there, and enable us to be more productive and positive as we engage in our pursuits both in and out of the home.

1: Have designated bonding time

One of the most important factors that determines whether you’re comfortable or not at home is the people and relationships that you find there. And whether you’re living with relatively new roommates, or with family members that you’ve known for your whole life (or theirs,) how comfortable we are to actually sit in silence with those cohabitants can widely vary. Sometimes, even your own children can seem like strangers, especially when they seem to drastically change in the space of a few months.

So, in order to enable happy connections with your family and roommates, find ways to simply spend time together. With some of us, this will happen really naturally, since we have friends and interests in common. With others, a little extra effort is required. We’ll have to find out what will get the other person out of their shell, how to find our balance of communication, and devote time to just give each other our full attention. Some families have one night a week designated as family time at home. Others are really good at having dinner together a few times a week. Some of us will simply have to make time in the evening to give a debrief on the day. In any case, make it a priority to communicate effectively with each other.

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2: Establish positive routines

Routines often get a bad rap. We might scorn them as the cogs of the mundane, negative habits that cage us and hold us back. However, peace in the home (especially a home you share with others) depends on some important routines.

For example, have you ever bickered with someone over who gets the bathroom in the morning? Nagged someone else for neglecting their turn doing the dishes or taking out the trash? Have you ever felt judged and resented for just doing things as you like them done? Have you ever been burned out from a particularly hard day and found yourself indulging in things you knew were bad for you–like a whole season of a show on Netflix and a carton of ice cream–rather than getting things that you need to done?

Well positive routines can curtail these problems in a few ways. First of all, they can help you coordinate with others in common spaces, ensuring that you’re not tripping over each other in the kitchen or bathroom, or fighting over the remote control when prime time arrives. Stick to a routine with your mornings, your meals, and your evening rituals. Secondly, routine can help you to take care of the things that need doing in your life. For example, waking up early for a workout helps to boost energy and positivity throughout the day.

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When you know that these routines will happen as a matter of course, it takes away the uncertainties and conflict that lead to stress in the home.

3: Keep electronics out of the bedroom

If you want to be really hardcore, you might pick certain times or days to go entirely wireless in your home. I’m not kidding–you’ll be amazed at what it does for you. However, if nothing else, we should all make an effort to keep electronics out of our bedrooms. Modern living is making our sleep patterns take quite a hit. Electronic screens emitting blue light throw off our circadian rhythms, keeping us from sleeping if we use them within the two hours before bedtime. Constant alerts for social media notifications, emails, and messages can interrupt our quiet time with each other or alone, while we’re preparing to sleep.

4: Have quiet space

Speaking of quiet time, some of us need quiet time more than during those few minutes before falling asleep. If you’re craving a little bit of peace in your day, consider setting aside some room in your house for meditation and reading. This area should be well-known to everyone as a quiet room or quiet area. It might be in your house, or outside–perhaps a corner of the yard. This area can be a wonderful spot for you to have daily morning meditation. It’s a place for you to cool off, to ponder the big questions, and enable you to bring the very best of yourself to your family. You might just like it for a midday nap, or perhaps you’ll even find it’s a welcome retreat for reflection and prayer.

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