Creating Perfect Outdoor Space For Your Children

In today’s, technology-ridden world, kids spend too little time playing outside. Together with the poor diet, these two things are the number one cause of various health problems. Those are the facts that we need to concern ourselves with rather quickly since the obesity problems and other health issues in children all around the globe are becoming more and more hard to tackle. 

Outdoor Space - Creating Perfect Outdoor Space For Your Children

Things are changing and developing fast, parents are always busy, and the schools often times aren’t doing enough to solve these difficulties. That’s why we present you with some cool ideas about making your kids their own little outdoor paradise, where they can play jauntily all day long.

DIY Chalkboard Areas

If you don’t like having your whole backyard covered in chalk, you should consider putting the special, designated areas where your children can draw. Not only will they spend more time outside, but they’ll also exercise their imagination and creativity. Put a chalkboard on the fence, and enjoy your kids’ imagination running wild and free.

Install A Zip Line

Your children will absolutely love this. If your backyard is big enough, you can connect the porch and the treehouse with a zip line. Just make sure that it’s completely safe. Don’t hang the zip line too high, and make sure to put it over the grassy area. Alternatively, you can put something soft underneath, so the children won’t get hurt in case they fall.

Build A Tree House

Speaking of tree houses, you simply have to build it, if you have enough space. All children love these, and they can have their own little private space where they can keep ’secret society’ meetings and play board games with other kids. This can be an awesome weekend project for you and your children. And if that zip line is also installed… they’ll be as happy as a sand-boy.

DIY Swing

Like sandboxes, swings are also timeless. Children of all ages and all around the world have so much in common, and carelessly enjoying swings is certainly one of those things. And just like with a tree house, building a swing can be a fun DIY project for the whole family. 

Your children will definitely enjoy it more if they were the ones who helped in the process of building it. If the kids are still too young, you can have them draw something meaningful to them, after you’ve done the paint job. Lively colors are always a great choice and children are going to adore this. If this is too demanding or you’re on a budget, you can always opt for a tire swing instead, and they’ll be equally delighted.

Climbing Wall

Space, where children can climb safely in their own backyard, is really an awesome idea to consider. This doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may sound – you just need a sheet of plywood that you can put vertically and attach handholds and toe-holds all around the plywood. Safety is also the number one priority here, so you want to ensure that everything is done properly and that the whole structure is very well secured.


Backyard Sandbox

And speaking of sand, building a sandbox is really a must. Especially if you have smaller children, this is the best thing you can do for them, in regards to providing them the area where they can have infinite fun. Literally, all children enjoy building sandcastles, so don’t make them wait to get to the beach in order to do that. Just make sure you provide them with some sun protection like Malibu Shade Sails, for instance. This way your children can safely play outside all day long, without any worries.


In Summary

Getting your children outside to play can be too problematic these days, especially considering all the things that are mostly keeping them busy, like video-games, TV, internet/ social media, smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. 

But other than making sure they spend some quality time outside, you also need to think about their safety. That’s why your own backyard can be a perfect space where you can put all these various things and provide your children with some much-needed fun time away from TV/ computer/ phone/ tablet screen. 

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