Critter on the Roof: How to Remove Animals from Your Attic

An attic can be an excellent place for storage within your home, but it’s also a popular vacation spot for wandering animals looking to escape the elements. Below are some tips for how to remove and keep out unwelcome guests from your roof or attic.

Attic - Critter on the Roof: How to Remove Animals from Your Attic

Open the Exits 

The first step to removing an animal from your home is to ensure that any children are safely out of danger. Many invading animals will have diseases like rabies, which can be especially dangerous for younger people. To protect any children living in your home, make sure they’re placed in a secure room or outside of the home entirely until you’re certain the animal has been removed. 

While squirrels and raccoons often think of attics and roofs as open shelters, they’re likely to rethink that stance when they realize the space is already inhabited. Without getting too close to the invading animal, it’s best to open up windows leading outside then close them in the attic.

It may seem counterproductive to give them free reign of the attic, but it’s the safest removal strategy. By ensuring that their only way out is outside and not through the rest of the house, you protect your family from potentially being bitten and yourself from being injured while trying to wrangle a diseased critter.

Seal the Entry Points 

If an animal got in through an open window, then the obvious solution is to leave that window closed in the future. Much more likely, however, is that there was an opening between your attic and the outside that you weren’t aware of, which will be much more difficult to solve on your own. Thankfully, nobody ever said you had to do this job solo.

Rather than waste hours trying to find a hole in your attic and spending money on a patchy repair job that may not hold, your best bet is to call a pest control company. Also, a roofing professional from a roofing business should know the common areas where wood or brick wears away to create entrances for unwanted animals and will be able to reliably patch these entrances.

Get Started 

Nobody wants to deal with an animal that has entered their roof or attic, but waiting around won’t get the pest out of your home any faster. Use the tips above to make sure that you’re not only removing one pest, but making sure that the others can’t get inside. Also, consider contacting a roofing company like American Building & Roofing if you have any questions.

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