Curb Appeal: 5 Ways to Increase It

The curb appeal of your home can have many positive impacts on your property. It can increase the value of your home, it can improve your chances of selling your home, and it can keep your neighborhood aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, you can improve the curb appeal of your home with very little effort and money.

Curb Appeal
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5 Tips For Improving Curb Appeal

1. Clean Your Driveway. Having a driveway that is free from clutter is one of the most important things you can do for your home. It looks very sloppy to have newspapers piling up at the end of your driveway and piles of personal goods up near the garage door. By keeping your driveway looking clean, you will make a very good first impression.

2. Do Landscaping. The second thing that will be noticed about your home is the landscaping. If your yard looks “blah” and your landscaping has a lot to be desired, it will give your home an appearance of disarray. Everyone notices how well your home is landscaped.

Good landscaping can also increase the value of your home. Landscaping can be very time intensive, but you can also hire it out. One Atlanta lawn service offers package prices that can be customized to meet anyone’s needs.

3. Paint Front Door. A front door that looks clean and crisp will give the house a very nice curb appeal. When someone comes to your home, they will have to stand at the door while they wait for it to be opened. During that brief time period they will take time to notice how the door looks, it is just human nature. If you want a good impression to occur, make sure that your door, door knob, and molding are in pristine condition.

At the same time that you paint your front door, if you have a forward-facing garage door you should check the appearance. In a recent survey of what turns people off from buying a home conducted by a large real estate firm, they discovered that people will walk away from a home with an ugly garage door because it is seen as an expensive repair, even if it only needs a coat of paint.

4. Light the Walkway. There is something very inviting about a home that has a lit walkway. People respond to landscape lighting very well and will have a better impression of a home if they notice that the outside is well-lit. This also provides extra security for the home and reduces slip and fall accidents.

5. Remove Personal Items. When a house has been lived in for a while, it is not uncommon for personal items to become stacked up around the house on the outside. Even extra vehicles or a boat can make the outside look cluttered. You want to keep as much personal stuff away from the front side of your house and the side walls as possible for great curb appeal. Try to store trash cans in an enclosed area or away from the view of the street.

As you can see, improving the curb appeal of your home is very simple with these five tricks. A little bit of cleaning, a little bit of painting, and a little bit of landscaping can go a very long way for an overall appearance change.

Writer Melanie Fleury enjoys having a beautiful yard filled with native trees and shrubs and a green, healthy lawn. She writes this article to help people learn about these quick ways to help keep up the curb appeal of their home. She used the website of an Atlanta lawn service site to learn more about what a service can do and what the costs are.

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