Decorate Your Home With Style And Flair At Bargain Prices

Home decorating can be an expensive and overwhelming business, especially if you are tackling a number of rooms. It needn’t be a headache as you can find some great inspiration at bargain prices to redecorate your home with style and flair.

Worktop Express

Cheap Tricks And Tips For A New Look
The fastest and cheapest way to inject a new lease of life into your home is to change things that are easily swapped with something else. Change cushions, throws, rugs, lamps and artwork to give a fresh new look to a tired room. There isn’t much work involved in this, just pick up some new items to replace the old and you are on your way. If you are on a tight budget you could look at second hand shops or auction websites where people sell their second hand goods. There are also some websites where people advertise items they may just give away for free.

A Little More Effort
You could go a step further and repaint your walls and ceilings. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to transform a room. A brand new colour scheme can take a room from drab to fab, or help you change the theme. Country style white could be easily transformed into Mediterranean with some warm and vibrant colours to go with your new textiles and artwork. Painting is something you can tackle yourself too, cutting the cost even more. If your kitchen is looking a bit dated you don’t need to replace everything. Try painting your kitchen doors and replacing worktops with new wood worktops for easy transformation without removing the kitchen skeleton entirely. You can find specialist paint that will easily transform a kitchen cupboard.

Check out Worktop Express for a huge selection of worktops in different woods including oak, beech walnut and maple. They also have a great range in less well known but equally beautiful woods such as Iroko, Zebrano and Wenge woods. They also offer a bespoke cutting service so you can be sure your new worktops fit perfectly. Change your table and chairs to complete the look. You could go for a co-ordinating look in matching or similar wood, or create a funky kitchen with contrasting tables and chairs in different colours.

Transform Old Furniture
Taking old furniture and transforming it is extremely popular at the minute. If you like your furniture but just think it needs updating, strip back any paint and repaint it any colour you like. Upholster in some funky textiles. You can find some beautiful and unusually patterned materials that would be perfect to cover old chairs, armchairs and sofas from drab and boring to something unique to your home. You can also shop around for second hand furniture to repaint or look for furniture other people are throwing away. You could choose a theme for your entire house or perhaps mix and match with different looks in different rooms, or on different floors. Your home doesn’t have to be beige and boring; there are any number of innovative things you can do to make it look special.

Harry Wilson writes regularly on interior design for a range of homeware and lifestyle websites and blogs. She recommends wood worktops from Worktop Express.

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