Demand for home office furniture may be on the rise

Demand for home office furniture may be on the rise in Britain. After all, more people are swapping the office for the comfort and convenience of their own houses. Doing so can eliminate potentially long and difficult commutes and it can help individuals to achieve a better work-life balance.

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A number of factors have combined to make these setups possible.  For example, it is now easier than ever for people to access furniture at work. Whether they need new chairs, desks, storage or other items to help them create suitable workstations at home, all they have to do is head online and take their pick from the impressive selection of products on offer.

Also, technology has improved considerably over recent years, making it much easier for personnel to operate remotely. Superfast broadband could boost the trend yet further. According to a new government report, most people will work from home several days every month once high-speed broadband is rolled out.

The study suggested that improved web connections could cut annual business travel by 3.3 billion miles. This would be a reduction of around nine per cent of the UK yearly total.

Furthermore, ministers predict that people will benefit from an additional 60 million hours of leisure time by 2024 thanks to more efficient web use.

The report stated: “As levels of connectivity at home improve, this will tend to encourage higher levels of working from home – the majority of which will be people working a few days per month from home, rather than teleworking full-time.”

Those behind the study also believe that superfast broadband will make it easier for older people, disabled individuals and carers to take up part-time work from the home. About this, the report said: “The prevalence of this will increase as levels of home connectivity improve over time.”

Responding to the predictions, culture secretary Maria Miller claimed that as well as bringing economic advantages, superfast broadband will have a “positive impact on the way we live”.

She added: “What this report shows us is that, as well as superfast broadband being good for economic growth, it will make even more of a positive impact on the way we live, helping us work more productively and get online faster. Our broadband roll-out is one of the best in Europe, with almost three-quarters of the UK able to access super-fast speeds.

“This is making a real difference to people in communities across the UK from small businesses able to expand, schoolchildren being able to log on to do their homework or people being able to work from home.”

As well as making sure they have suitable web connections, home workers must also get hold of the right furniture. To help them decide what they need, they may benefit from undertaking furniture at work reviews.

By setting up good quality work stations, people can avoid furniture at work problems further down the line and they can help ensure that their experiences of working from home are a success.

About the author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written widely on the subject of office furniture for a variety of sites, including Furniture at Work.

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