Design Impressive Illuminations with LED Lighting

LED lighting is a stylish, functional and highly efficient way to light your home. If you are redecorating then it is a good idea to revisit your current lighting set up and thinks about building your interior design around a new LED system.

LED lighting

Illuminate Your Interior Design
If you are stripping back to basics with your home decorating plans then you might be considering upgrading your lighting system. When planning out your room designs it is better to know from the start where your lighting points will be so as to be sure that they provide sufficient light and accurate focus for the layout and room features you have in mind. For example, if you are planning a new dining room layout you would want your overhead lighting above your dining table with the options for full bright light to replicate daylight when in normal usage, but also to allow for dimming to create a cosy relaxed atmosphere if you are entertaining.

Functional Light and Decoration
With LED lights your options for lighting move beyond the simple practicalities of illuminating a space for functional purposes. LED lights for the wall and ceiling?are available in a range of colours which when used with the right control systems can form a distinctive design feature in themselves. With dimmer switches and colour control systems you really can transform the atmosphere of a room moving bright and practical workspaces in to soft and relaxing areas of calm. Knowing whether or not you are going to introduce colour lighting into a room might impact on your decisions for wall and ceiling colours and even the colour of furniture as it will all look different under different lighting. So it is better to know this before you design other features for the room to ensure there isn’t a clash of impacts.

Efficient and Effective?
Redecorating your home can be an expensive business so there is a lot to consider when deciding to change your lighting system. However, if you look at the longer term impacts of installing LED lights for the wall and ceiling you will find that they are extremely energy efficient, converting approximately 90% of their energy straight into light, not loosing as much energy to heat as the older more traditional incandescent light bulbs do. As well as being energy efficient, LED light bulbs are reliable and durable lasting for thousands of hours which can translate into many years of usage. So with all this energy efficiency you can be saving money on your household bills whilst also being kind to the environment.

So, before you jump head first into your interior redesign it is worth looking at your current lighting system and see whether it is worth switching to LED. It is better to do this before you redecorate than afterwards in order to ensure that you do not have to rework your designs once they are in place. And don’t forget they can become part of your design features, not just a means to throw light on other features in a room. So to recap here are the benefits you could profit from in changing to LED:

– Energy efficiency
– Good for the environment
– Cost saving
– Durable and reliable lighting
– Flexibility between functionality and decoration

Just as the right lighting can make the difference between a good and bad photograph it can have the same effect with your interior design, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got it right before you put in that hard work.

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