Designing the Perfect Rustic Living Room

A living room carries with it associations of rest, relaxation and downtime. You will likely spend much of your time in other rooms in the house, such as the kitchen and the bedroom. However, the kitchen is a place of hustle and bustle and the bedroom is usually the place where you retire, exhausted, before another upcoming day of work. The living room is your true sanctuary from the world, the place you go to in your free time to watch your favourite tv show, or read a book, or just to socialise with friends and family.

Perfect Living Room

It is also the centre piece of your household, the place to entertain guests and show off your swanky living arrangements. Therefore, the interior design of your room is really more important than in any other area of your house. Rustic designs have become very popular nowadays as they allow for tasteful compositions that provide a reprieve from the typical city environment. Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you when creating the ideal rustic living room.

Remember to think about space when planning the composition of your living room. It is quite probable that you will host visitors in your living room and thus you should ideally be able to sit at least six people in relative comfort. You can ensure this by placing a couple of three seater sofas perpendicular to each other in one corner of the room. Throw in a couple of armchairs and you’ll be ready to host quite a substantial gathering. Try experimenting with space and don’t feel the need to place everything directly against the walls. Your sofas will probably be used a lot so it is important that they look nice without sacrificing comfort.

When it comes to sofas you can use a wide range of materials while still retaining the room’s rustic ambience. If you’re going for the antique look you can use leather button back sofas or floral print if you want to achieve a pleasant springtime vibe. Pepper your sofas with numerous cushions in order to fill the place out. Rocking chairs are often associated with old people but a nice wooden rocking chair will add some some serious character to its surroundings and it’s a great place to read a book.

When it comes to the living room’s surfaces remember that wood is you friend. Sometimes it’s better to forego carpets in favour of exposed wooden floorboards and a few decorative rugs. Wooden panel walls will also convey a back-to-basics atmosphere. You can paint these with understated colours like white or beige but leafy green tones will also look great. You can also consider using warm colours like brown, red and maroon for a decidedly cosy effect. Consider decorating your walls with paintings of pastoral life in order to really hammer home the country vibe. Finally, a few antique pieces will imbue your living room with a lived in sense of history. Install a fireplace if you have the option and place a hefty wooden coffee table in the center of your rustic composition.

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