Different Types of Rugs Available in Sale for Enhanced Home Decor

Rug is a thick piece of fabric of different materials, colours and patterns, used to cover a certain part of the floor to enhance the beauty of the interior. Rugs and carpets are being used from long before to add colour and warmth to the interior. Rugs are generally woven and vary widely in their make, colours, patterns, shapes and sizes. Many home decor stores and websites offer good sale for rugs and runners. It is important to know about different types of rugs before purchasing one.

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Rugs and carpets are mostly classified according to different fabrics used for making them. Most common among the materials are wool, jute, silk and various synthetic materials.

Woollen rugs: Wool carpets are the most durable and elegant ones and are mostly used in cold and moist countries. It is easy to dye and pile wool and for that reason wool carpets are seen in many different colours and in intricate designs. Wool is a natural fibre and generally do not evoke any allergy. Sometimes, the woollen rugs have cotton foundation and that gives it more strength and support, as well as increases its durability. Mostly oriental rugs are woven in wool.

Silk rugs: Silk is also a natural fibre which has highly rich and lustrous texture. It is mainly used for weaving plush oriental carpets with delicate patterns. Silk rugs have wonderful shades of light and dark, and also can have highlighted patterns. These rugs can have both silk and cotton foundation and their prices vary accordingly. Rugs made of silk are most expensive and require much care and maintenance.

Jute rugs: Rugs made of jutes are less expensive and good for everyday use. These rugs can be in knitted, woven, sewn, twisted, corded or braided. Jute rugs are generally used as accent rugs for smaller area. The only demerit of these types of rugs is that they cannot hold moisture very well.

Synthetic rugs: Various synthetic fibres like nylon, acrylic, olefin or polyester are used as the fabrics for rugs in modern days. These types of rugs are cheap, durable, and resilient and also can be easily maintained. Olefin is used in outdoor rugs for its water-resistant property. Nylon is most commonly used fabric, while polyester is less durable and demands low maintenance.

Rugs can also be classified according to the method of manufacture:

Woven rugs: The rugs are made in big looms and have rich pile. There are two varieties among woven rugs-plush variety with cut piles and Berber variety with rich piles. Woven rugs are generally of vibrant colours and have intense pattern and designs. This involves a lot of effort and labour and hence very expensive.

Embroidered rugs: Embroidery or stitches are made on different types of fabrics. This involves longer time and much delicate and tedious work.

Needle felt rugs: These are the most modern rugs produced by attracting individual fibres by electrostatic device. These are very durable and used in highly crowded public places.

Tufted rugs: This kind of rug is also durable and stable as piles are injected on layers of backing materials. This is widely used across the globe.

Braided Rugs: The braids of synthetic fabrics or jute or cotton fibres are arranged in a weaving pattern to develop this kind of rug.

It is important to know about different textures and patterns of rugs and carpets for making a wise purchase.

Wide variety of rugs and carpets are used all over the world and the variation comes in their fabric, texture, design, development and colour. It is important to gather a knowledge about the variety of rug to have an idea about the price before selection one from sale.

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