Distinct Ideas to Gussy up Your Home

Painting the house and other tips are constantly traded among homeowners. Although fresh paint is always appealing, there are other tasks that might be just as transformative. Discover a few distinct ideas that can improve your home with just a little effort on your part.

Refreshing the Cabinets - Distinct Ideas to Gussy up Your Home

Refinish the Cabinets

Replacing the kitchen cabinets might cost thousands of dollars. If you have the original cabinets from when the home was built, they’re probably strong yet outdated. Clean and sand them as a start to your project. Pick a new color that will become an accent for the kitchen. Dark browns and grays are popular selections today. With a fresh color, the kitchen will look brand new even without expensive hardware or the latest appliances.

Pot the Plants

You may not be a gardening enthusiast, but a splash of green in and around the property is always appealing to visitors and potential buyers. Simplify the gardening aspect by adding potted plants to your backyard. They’re easy to care for, and you can change them in a hurry if you desire.

Think about potted plants for the interior too. Pick shade-loving plants that can clean the indoor air. They offer several benefits to the decor and your health as a result.

Change out the Window Treatments

Old vertical or horizontal blinds are unsightly from both the interior and exterior. Try a completely different look with curtains. Use an opaque curtain for the window’s interior with blackout drapes in any color along the outer edges. Allow the sunlight to bathe the interior during the day, but cut out every ounce of light from the interior when you’re ready to retire for the evening.

Go With Concrete Coatings

Your garage or patio may have basic concrete as a flooring option. It’s a practical material, but without much personality. Consider an epoxy concrete flooras a way to give the home some flair. These floors can have color, patterns or swirls. Professionals apply the coatings, which are then altered with an artistic vision. Your garage can look like no other installation in the neighborhood with this upgrade.

Remember to keep records on the costs of each upgrade. They shouldn’t be too expensive or out of your budget range. By being aware of the costs, you’ll stay within your financial comfort zone. The home might even gain some value in the process.

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