Do Blackout Curtains Help with Insomnia?

Insomnia is a chronic sleep disorder that can be relieved by some simple remedies. One such effective remedy is using black out curtains. These curtains block as much light as possible to enter a room to offer a night like feel. Moreover, they cut out noise and heat or cold by significant levels due to the thick fabric and dark shades.

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Relaxed mind and a cozy ambience are soothing elements that help in putting us to sleep. For a person suffering from insomnia, it is difficult to catch a full night’s sleep probably due to a messed up sleep cycle. Installing blackout curtains in an insomnia affected person’s bedroom is a good method to achieve a lowly illuminated sleeping environment. These curtains are thick and heavy that insulate a room from as much light as possible. However blocking light is not the only solution to achieve a proper sleeping environment. If a person affected by sleeping disorder would want to rest through the day, even sound and temperature variation could disturb his/her sleep.

Sleep disorder is a common ailment in today’s fastpaced lifestyle. People do not have the luxury of enjoying some personal time, let alone sleep peacefully. Erratic working hours, night shifts, caffeine addiction, ailments or workplace stress are some major factors that causes insomnia. Normally insomniacs go for self medication techniques that involve popping oral pills every time they go to bed. But sleeping pills come with a high addiction risk attached to them. If consumed in large numbers, they can cause serious life threatening complications as well. Hence, visiting a physician is the best way to get counseled properly and learn about natural sleep therapy methods.

Apart from taking special drugs prescribed by a physician, there are some simple home remedies that can help in relieving chronic insomnia. Every insomnia affected patient must follow the following guidelines before going to bed:
1. The room must be completely dark with as much external light blocked as possible.
2. The noise levels should be minimal to help in attaining all the three stages of a sleep cycle.
3. The room should not be too cold or too hot. Controlled temperature levels lead to good sleep.

Getting black out blinds installed can help attain the above conditions. They have many advantages that are a relief for insomnia affected people. If the insomnia patient wants to catch some sleep during the daytime, blackout blinds can prove useful.

  1. They cut out dust thereby providing relief to dust allergic insomnia patients.
  2. The heat seeping in from the window gets absorbed by these blinds offering a cooller room.
  3. Moreover, they are a boon for houses located in noisy neighborhoods as they also cut out noise.
  4. They help to create good sleeping conditions by blocking a considerable amount of light from penetrating into the room.

Black out blinds are advisable for the bedrooms of patients, elderly people and especially for baby nurseries. Moreover they can be installed in projector rooms, theatres, auditoriums and video conference rooms that require a cool and dark ambience for effective video projection. Blackout blinds are available in the market in a wide range of colours and fabrics. Based on budget, personal shades and preferences, these can be custom tailored and installed in bed rooms. Contemporary designs are also available that match up to the chic interior of a house. When not in use, these luxurious patterned fabrics can add to the aesthetics of the surroundings. Dosen’t matter if it is night or day, blackout blinds aid in having an undisturbed 8 hour sleep all the way.

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