Do It Yourself or Hire Help: The Dynamics of Moving

If you have ever moved before, then you know what a headache and backache moving can be. There are so many decisions to be made, that one could make a mess of things pretty easily. Organization and thorough research can benefit you in many ways. Consider the ins and outs of these three main areas when planning a move.

Moving family


The first step to planning a move would have to be to figure out where you are going to relocate yourself (and/or your family). Sometimes house/apt shopping can be difficult on your own. Weigh your options. Are you knowledgeable in this area to find the best deals, or would a realtor be of some assistance? A realtor is trained to find you a home that best fits you and your family’s needs. If finances permit, the professionals would be a good way to manage your relocation.


There are several different ways to make sure your home is packed and organized in an easy-to-access manner. In my opinion, this particular matter should be handled by you and your family. If no one outside of your family touches your personal belongings, it’s easier to assign blame when something inevitably gets broken. It’s also a lot easier to forgive your husband or wife for breaking that hundred year old vase, than to forgive the moving guys you hardly know. I wouldn’t outsource this task unless you just don’t have the ability to do it yourself.


Moving can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are older or alone in your journey. Back pain is a widespread issue today. Don’t over exert yourself! If you have the financial capability, there are aplethora of reputable moving companies all around the United States that can be trusted to move your things for you.  I would still recommend transferring your valuables on your own, though.

If you don’t have the financial ability to hire the professionals, hire your friends! Offer to buy a case of beer, and put the boys to work. If you’re working with non-drinkers, buy a few pizzas and feed their hunger pains. If you’re moving out of town, this could be an extra chance to spend time with the friends you may be leaving behind. Enjoy the time you have, and be productive as a group.

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