Do You Really Need A Cooker Hood?

Current regulations dictate that new builds must have a cooker hood or extractor fan to remove steam and condensate in order to prevent the build-up of mould. However, this still leaves the question of whether to buy a hood or a fan, and if you are replacing an existing unit, then you don’t necessarily have to have a hood installed.

Hood in kitchen

While some people swear by the use of a hood to remove steam and condensation, others rarely use the hood preferring to open a window or door. Others primarily use the hood lights as a means of illuminating the hob, which can prove especially useful if the cooker is not close to a natural light source.

All of this leaves the question of whether a cooker hood is really an essential kitchen item, or whether you could make do by opening the kitchen window and letting fresh air circulate instead. In truth, whether you buy and use a hood will depend on personal preference, but your decision will also be influenced by the design and layout of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, when many people think of cooker hoods they tend to associate the term with the matter cooker hood filters of a decade or more ago. Modern designs are very different, and are typically much more effective and efficient. Not only do they quickly remove steam from the kitchen, but they whisk away odours and smells, and can even remove some of the heat from above the hob. A good quality hood can, therefore, greatly improve the cooking environment and how much you enjoy cooking in your kitchen, which can make the cost of a unit a great investment.

There are other ways in which a hood can improve the cooking experience too. Many hoods include down-lights, and because they are concentrated primarily on the cooker, it means that you will be able to more easily see what you are preparing and cooking. A hood is an expensive means of lighting a cooker, though, if this is the only reason that you are considering buying one.

As well as improving the environment when cooking, a cooker hood offers long-term benefits to the kitchen environment. Mould spores require a damp environment in which to grow and feed, and the steam and condensation from boiling pans, frying food, and from the hob itself can leave large patches of damp wall and cupboard. Even rigorous cleaning and wiping means that you may miss spots behind cookers and in corners. Because a cooker hood removes the steam before it hits walls it means that the damp does not form in the first place, as long as you have an efficient hood that is properly installed. No damp means no mould growth.

Even aside from the functionality and local environment benefits, the modern cooker hood has aesthetic benefits. Chimney style hoods offer a gravitas and grandeur to kitchens that cannot be achieved with units and lighting, while the range of designs that are available means that you can choose a hood to perfectly compliment your kitchen style.

The Discount Appliance Centre has a range of effective, efficient, and attractive cooker hoods available at competitive prices. If you want to enjoy a better cooking environment, improve the look of your kitchen, and avoid mould growth, look for an appropriately sized and efficient cooker hood model.

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