Dog Odor Free Machine

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for a long time, but never in history have pets become such an intrinsic part of people’s social lives. Whether it’s a small chihuahua in a woman’s purse at the beauty parlor or the family lab on vacation with the family, dogs now go everywhere their owners go. As a business manager or owner, this may not be the most welcome development. Dogs are cute, but they also create obnoxious odors. Customers who come into your store and smell dog hair, urine or feces may just decide to take their business elsewhere.

Dog odor

With dogs becoming a more common shopping companion every day, this can be a difficult situation to tackle. There are several solutions to this odor problem. One, you can ban pets from your place of business altogether; however, this may cost you more business than it saves. Two, you can get on your hands and knees and scrub after every animal that enters your store, but who wants to do that. Three, you can get odor free machines that oxidize odors in the air.

These work by distributing ozone into the space where the smell is contained. Whichever option you choose, adapting to the changing world of pet owners and their traveling and shopping habits is a necessary sacrifice if you want to stay successful. There may be a day when furry friends never leave their owner’s side.

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